Getting My License

May 22, 2017
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March 16, 2017 was the day I could finally get my license after waiting nine months for it. I was very excited and I was in such a rush to get it. I made sure I had all my forms ready, and I did my hair and my makeup. I was just ready to get this driving test over with. The first time I went to the DMV I went with my older sister. She had very little patience, so the whole two hours that we were waiting she was constantly complaining. We approached one of the people who worked at the DMV and they briefly checked all of my papers, and said I was good to go. After that I had to wait for them to check my papers one more time, and then I would be able to take the driving test.
While waiting for them to check my papers a second time, I became very nervous and excited because I couldn't wait to get my license. As an hour went by, they finally called my number to go up and get my papers checked. My sister and I walked up to the guy and gave him my papers. After about five minutes of him looking at them, he said something was wrong. I didn't understand what was wrong because I made sure I had everything ready the night before, and he said that the only thing that was wrong was that my birth certificate was a copy and that they can't accept that. After he said that I was so angry I had just been waiting for about three hours just to get my papers checked and I didn't even get to take the driving test.

My sister and I had to leave after that, and she was fuming, she yelled at me for not having the right documents, and for wasting her time. I had to go home and I was so bummed, I felt like an idiot, but my grandma said that she would take me the next day to get it. She told me that I had to make sure that I had the right documents, and instead of giving them my birth certificate I gave them my passport. The night before, I made sure that I had all the right documents, and that I would be ready. The next morning my sister and grandma took me to a different DMV, and again we had to wait an hour to get my papers checked. Once we got to that point, I gave the man working for the DMV my papers, and again he checked them and still said I didn't have the right forms.
He said that my proof of residence mail was too old, and that it had to be within 90 days of getting my license. I begged him to just let me take the test but he was very strict and said that I need to have the right papers. After I left the DMV, my grandma was trying to cheer me up because I felt like I would never get my license and I was just so angry. My sister also yelled at me again for being an ‘idiot’ and she said I was so irresponsible. I went home that day feeling horrible. I felt so dumb because I didn't have right papers and I wasn't even able to take the driving test. I had to wait four more days to get it. I was so frustrated with myself and I didn’t know how I could mess up with the papers. After a few days I was sure that I had everything. I was so bummed out because of the last two times I went to the DMV that I had no confidence that I would even be able to take the driving test. I kept complaining to my mom about how I was never going to get my license, and she just kept telling me that I was gonna get it and that I would pass the driving test.

After we waited for an hour, we finally got called and they briefly looked over my papers and said I was good to go. At first I was happy but I didn't want to get my hopes up because the previous times I went I got to the same point only to be sent home again, so I was weary about it. As we were waiting they finally called my number and after twenty minutes of her checking my papers, she finally said the words I’ve been waiting for: “You can take the driving test”. I was so happy after she said those words I couldn't even describe the way I was feeling in that moment. After she said that I had to go up and pay for my ID. I then had to go to another building to take the actual driving test. My mom and I left, and we drove to the entrance.

They made my mom get out of the car and wait in the waiting room. While I was sitting in my mom’s car waiting for an instructor to come in, I was so nervous. I kept thinking of how if I didn't pass I would never get my license. After waiting for about thirty minutes an instructor finally came into my car. He was an old man who used to teach for CPS schools, and he was really nice. He asked me a few questions and then he told me to leave the parking lot.

At first, I was so nervous that I was driving so slow, and he told me I had to speed up. After he took me around the block he made me come back to the parking lot and park. I was so nervous because I knew I was really bad at parking but surprisingly, I did well. After I parked he told me I had passed the test and that I can get my license now. I let out a breath of relief, and I was just so happy. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I remember getting out of the car ,and telling my mom that I had passed the test. She was so happy for me, and she said she knew I was going to pass. After that I took my picture and I got my license. That was a very stressful day for me but it was all worth it because in the end I passed the test and I finally got my license. I got a car and I drive myself everywhere now, so life is good.

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