Late Night Makeup Run

May 22, 2017
By , Park Ridge, IL

Being the youngest child in my family means that I am always treated like the baby, no matter my age. Because of this, I always find it hard to tell my mom, or anyone else in my family, things that make me sound grown up. Whenever I have conversations like this with my family it just feels weird and embarrassing. That is why when I decided that I wanted to wear makeup when I was 13, I kept it a secret.

It pretty much started when my friend asked to do makeovers with me. We were at her house after school on a Friday and we were really bored. She finished my makeup in fifteen minutes and I looked in the mirror and loved it. I looked much older than my actual age and at the time all I wanted to do was grow up. So, the next day I went through my mom’s makeup to see what she didn’t use. My mom had a lot of makeup just lying around because she got a lot of it for free. She had two makeup cases with strawberries on it in her small closet, which were filled with black mascara and colorful eyeliner and eyeshadows. My mom was a big fan of the color blue, so she had a lot of that. I thought that blue eyeshadow was really ugly, so I just took the brown eyeshadow. I also took one tube of black mascara, but not eyeliner because I didn’t think I was ready for that yet.

I did my makeup for weeks without anybody noticing. The reason they didn’t notice was because I didn’t really put that much on, but to me it seemed like such a big difference. I thought that everybody noticed at school and at home, but really I was the only one. Then on a Saturday night I was going out to the movies with my friends. I decided to put more on than usual, because a lot of people were gonna see me in a movie theater, right? Before I left I was going to eat with my family. When I heard my sister come home with the food, I walked to my kitchen. I remember the aroma of the food spread throughout the house making it smell like cheese pizza. When I got to the kitchen, I kept noticing my mom was smiling at me. Finally, after a while, my mom asks me a question, “Rosa, do you have makeup on?”

The whole dinner she kept on bringing up how grown up I was getting, then she got really excited, “Oh my gosh, are you putting on makeup for a boy? Are you going on a date?” After that it just got weird and I felt very embarrassed. There would be boys going with us, but I wasn’t dating any of them, so I lied to avoid another awkward conversation.

Since she already knew about the makeup, I decided to ask her to buy me some the next day. I didn’t ask her until late sunday night, so now she refers to it as the “late night makeup run” when she tells people this story. That night we drove to Walgreens and I walked straight to the makeup to avoid my mom trying to explain what type of makeup I should get, but of course she still did. I remember we had a ten minute disagreement if I should get black or brown mascara. I remember, of course, I won and she picked up black for me. I remember picking up eyeshadow, I just picking up a small palette of nude sparkly eyeshadows. My mom agreed on that color so there was no argument there. Then my mom suggested that I should get concealer because I always had dark circles under my eye. She promised she would teach me how to use it when I got home. As we were about to pay and leave I saw the eyeliner and I decided I might as well pick it up now. When we got home my mom showed how to put everything on as she promised.

What turned out to be a real embarrassing situation for me ended up being fun in the end. I got to spend more time and bond with my mom, no matter how weird it was in the beginning it turned out okay in the end.

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