Wild Flowers

May 22, 2017

The sun set in the horizon and reflected from the wide window in my room. I refreshed my email for the 500th time in the day and felt my phone ring with the sound of a new email. “Yes!” The email was here. The anticipated email that would determine the future of my summer. My best friend and I applied to a Youth Leadership Internship in our city. Selected students would be matched to a nonprofit organization, work from 9-5, and receive a monetary stipend at the end of the five week work period. This is all I ever wanted in an internship. As a community devotee, I was thrilled to hear back from the organization and their decision.

Without a pause, I opened the email and began reading what appeared to be cover words for bad news. “Due to our limited number of positions…. we are sorry…”
In the moment, I had no thoughts. I felt no feelings. I was a blank page on an empty table. Immediately, I called my best friend only to hear he hadn't a received an email yet. “Why? They sent out emails. I got an email. Why didn't you get one?” I questioned my friend. He was as confused as I was, but he agreed to wait and see what happened.

The moon glowed in the chalk sky when my best friend and I began our “goodnight” texting ritual. Suddenly, I received the texts: “I GOT IT! IT SAYS CONGRATULATIONS! AKXIUXSNSUXH!” Instantly, I knew what that meant. He had been accepted into the internship.

My chest was filled with replete happiness because we both knew how bad we wanted this internship. His summer is full with activities: two summer camps at a University, community service, and now an internship.

As a good friend, I know I should be happy for him. He deserves it. Perhaps I didn't. It's hard for me because he now has everything I wanted. But this is not the end. I won't give up. I too will have a productive summer full of learning experiences.

To those out there going through a similar situation, know that no friendship should be destroyed because of jealousy or anger. Instead, take that energy and use it to fertilize your friendship and let it flourish into wild flowers.

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