May 19, 2017
By Marty44 BRONZE, Niles, Illinois
Marty44 BRONZE, Niles, Illinois
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“Let's see mom i'm in this stupid white room waiting for them to do something.”

“Ow okay well tell me when they get you a hotel room.”

At that point I hung up the phone and stared at the bald man in front of me. He looked up and said, “sorry for the inconvenience Martin.”

I looked at my phone once again June 28, 2016 literally 6 hours away from my sixteenth birthday, and I was in Frankfurt Germany in the child waiting center. Let me just say I was mad like beyond mad, not only am I in Germany alone, but I wasn’t on the plane that was supposed to take me home. It was about 6 o’clock and I was ready to hit this guy across the face. Now let’s see how did this start, how did I end up in this weird white room.
Summer of 2016 I traveled to Poland to visit my uncle from my mom’s side of the family because i'm close with him so we go dirt biking. After that I went to my dad’s side of the family to visit my grandparents. On June 28, 2016 I woke up and got ready made sure everything was packed and sat at the table with my grandpa as we waited for my grandma to finish making breakfast. After eating my last meal in Poland before the long flight home me and my grandpa get in the car and start are small forty five minute trip to the airport. Soon after getting to the airport my grandpa walks in with me and says bye. I pass the tsa gates I make my way to the gate for the plane.

I remember thinking to myself how much i'm gonna miss Poland and that's when I decided to call my uncle. It rang about three times and he picked up.

“Ayyyyyy Marcin, what's up you back in America yet?”
I replied, “No, not yet just getting on the first plane to Warsaw then from there Frankfurt then home.”
“Oh, okay well I got some guys coming into the shop, how about you call me when you get to Warsaw?”
“Okay.” I said and we hung up.

That's when they called up my flight, so I boarded the plane and we started a departure from Gdynia and going to Warsaw then from Warsaw i’d be traveling to Frankfurt and then USA. After our some what short forty five minute flight from Gdynia to Warsaw, I got a message from my mom about where to find the candy I really like in the airport store. As I approach the store I realized I only had ten min to get to the other side of the airport and board my plane. I looked at my watch one last time and thought to myself oww s***. So I bought the candy and ran, bolted, sprinted I just turned into some olympic runner for those few minutes I was running to the gate. Honestly I don’t know how but I made it just on time to get onto the plane. As we get settled in our seats we can see that the flight to Frankfurt will be about twenty to fifteen minutes late. At first I thought no biggie just a couple min late won’t matter I have like an hour between so I’ll be alright.

No, not at all, as we exit the plane we hear that the flight is 20 minutes late and then olympic sprinter Marty had came out once again. I was blasting past people thinking what will happen if I get stuck here in Frankfurt. It was all hell gone lose in my head as I approach passport check I see it the line. It was over this line was backed up and I was already 20 minutes behind. So after the 30 minutes wait in the this line I get to the front I had some mixed feelings I figured they would hold the plane for a minor. As the man in the booth lets me pass I bolt to the top of the stairs, took a hard right and look to see the longest hallway on earth. I’m talking a good 200 meters maybe more, and I thought to myself why is my plane at the end. Again i’m running to the end out of breath carrying a bag on my back. I get to the desk and say I need to be on this plane.

The short haired blonde and may I add crooked teeth said, “Sorry sir but we can’t let you on.”

I replied, “No, I need to get on this plane!” And i’m staring at this plane still docked there. She says that she could get me a hotel and that the next flight is tomorrow. That's when I pulled out my phone and call my mom. When she picked up and heard what I had to say she said, “Put her on the phone!”

I could tell that this desk clerk was scared for her life. Let me just add my mom was furious like I could hear her through the phone. The clerk was trying to explain how she couldn’t hold the plane and how it’s not a bus. Then her face went white she was already white like she has seen no sun in like month, but she went bleached flour white.

“He’s a minor?”

At that point I couldn’t stop laughing I saw her look at the my passport again. After see realized her mistake she becomes the nicest lady on earth. She had handed me my phone and my mom said, “This lady is soooooo stupid why did she think you weren’t a minor.”

“Mom I don’t know she looked at the picture only, but when you said something about me being a minor she turned into a ghost.”

My mom at that point laughed and told me to just wait for the stupid hotel room. As I waited for twenty minutes, and let me add the plane was still docked they had sent for a pickup. Finally this airport golf cart thing came and I got on it until I got back to the border check. Then I got off the cart and a lady had walked me to this child center thing. Thats where I had sat down and then there was a bald man. I know it's a bit mean but I was mad like ready to just knock this man out mad. I had gotten a phone call from my mom asking where I was now. I had explained the stupid white room and then the bald man in front of me. She said just go to the hotel room and just get back to the airport to get on the plane and come back. Now as I patiently wait for the next two hours for them to just book me a room from the airport hotel. I thought about the amazing early birthday gift I got from Germany.

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My amazing birthday present from Germany.

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