A Good Reputation

May 16, 2017
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Do you know a person with a bad reputation? People define a person with a bad reputation as a mean, angry, or a troubled person. I know a person like that, I was a person like t, hat. When I was younger I did tn keep my good reputation. I didn't care. Little did I know how it would affect me in the future. I just wasn’t worried or caring about what would happen. I soon became unhappy no one wanted to be my friend or hang out with me.so as I got older I changed I thought in the sixth grade I would have a fresh start . when I tried all the teachers had already heard of my bad name I had in elementary school. I wished I had cared about what would happen in the future.

Years ago, When I was in elementary school, I was a bold kid. I would always pick on kids and be rude to people. As I got older I was a better to people. One day a teacher Said to me in the hallway “ You may be bad, but not in my class.” I was nicer as I grew up. Unfortunately,the teachers still thought I was a bad eve thought I was better. I could tell that in the future, my reputation would stick with me for the rest of my life. I thought of how unfair it was that even though i have changed my behaviour, my teachers didn’t trust or believe me. I got to see how everyone else got to do more thing on their own while i was being watched by the teacher. I didn’t get to do as much as my other peers. When they did fun activities , I got to do less than they got to.I thought it wasn't very fair , but as I think back in the past and I remember I was the one who got myself in this mess, I was the person who did all the things that gave me the bad reputation I couldn't seem to get away from. NO matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the teachers to believe that I have changed.

In the fourth or fifth grade, no teacher would trust me. I was always left out when other kid got to do cool things.one of my teachers even said,”Adreana you may not participate .”I always asked if there was anything I could do and they told me to be good next time. I thought that it was so unfair but I did this to myself . it was my fault, I gave myself this bad reputation. Any time i would try to get rid of my reputation it would stick back to me like glue.I never really had a teacher who really liked me because they heard of my reputation.it did not matter how much I would and could change, no one would believe me. I was so good I didn’t understand why they wouldn't believe me. when i asked them why, they said they didn't believe me because I had done too much and I was ‘ untrustworthy’ I thought that was an ‘awakening call’, you know motivation to try really hard to get a good reputation. I didn't want what she said to me that day as what all the rest if my teachers saw me as. Do i made it my ‘mission’ to get rid of this reputation I started from then on to try to get back my good name.soon it all worked out until a mishap. On the playground me and my friend was playing and she got hurt. Everyone thought it was on purpose and my bad name came back to me. My friend tried to tell everyone i didn't hurt her. No one once again believed me . so my reputation stuck once again. When i tried to get my reputation gone it was harder.I knew it was gonna be hard but i was gonna work extra hard and i was determined . it won't be easy but it's not impossible.

When I think about how I didn’t have a good reputation, I realized how hard it was to gain back trust and a good reputation. I never thought that one or two bad things you can do can stick with you for a long time. I know people with a bad reputation . people. People who can’t be trusted . well as you know I was one of those people myself. I see now you need to also always try to do the right thing. That doesn’t mean we need to be perfect, we just need to be good enough to keep a good reputation. As people get older they say it is harder to keep a good reputation. People go to jail and when they get out they try to start fresh, their bad reputation keeps them from  doing that. Just by thinking about that makes me want to always keep a good name. No matter what. I do think a good reputation is important . it could be the key to life. Having a good reputation could help you get into colleges and get a good job. If you keep a bad reputation you could get a bad job instead of a nice rich paying job and all because you didn't keep/maintain  good reputation.A Lot of people also say a good reputation is like how people judge a book by its cover so be careful and keep a good mane


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