Fantastic Fashion in the 60s

May 16, 2017
By , phoenix, AZ

How much can change in 57 years? Style from the 1960s to now has definitely changed. It went from mini skirts and sweaters to ripped jeans and cropped shirts. Kids clothing has changed greatly, although, some styles are still coming back. Women’s clothing has not changed as much, men’s clothing has become more casual.

Kids clothing has changed dramatically from the 60s to now. Girls were more into different shades of greens. Plaid was also popular for girls, tunics, button down shirts, and pleated skirts (1960 girls clothes). As well for boys usually wore denim jeans and  corduroy slacks. Plaid, jean jackets and trousers paired with a sweater (1960 boys clothes).  By the styles from the 1960s, back then the style was way more casual. People liked to dress up more just to do everyday activities. Boys also enjoyed wearing athletic jackets, Roy Roger's denim clothing, blazers, flannel type shirts (1960 boys clothes). Girls liked tapered pants worn with patterned sweaters, dresses worn with aprons, jumpers, and slim skirts (1960 girls clothes). The style for girls is more comfy, girls like to wear leggings and sweatpants, oversized sweatshirts and shirts. Boys dress way more casual, shorts and a t-shirt or jeans and a hoodie is how they like to dress. The styles has changed entirely but, some styles are still coming back to us.


Women’s clothing has changed greatly from the past years. Women wore short skirts usually paired with a classy top and a nice pair of shoes (fashion in the 1960s).Pants made up of all different kinds of fabric for example, cotton, velvet, satin were worn for women (fashion in the 1960s). Women now still dress nice on the daily. It’s the sophisticated look that will never fade away. Pants could be worn with anything but usually worn with suit jackets and tunics (fashion in the 1960s).Women wore blouses and tops that were sleeveless with a “sash” which is what we call scarves. When it was colder outside women wore tight sweaters with patterns on them. (fashion in the 1960s). For everyday things women usually wear jeans with a sweater or top. Unless working at an office building or any other jobs that are required to dress nice then women do not really dress up as much. The style for women has definitely changed, but it is not unrare to see a women that is dressed nicely.


Men in the 1960s dressed way more nicer than they do now. Men wore tunics and capes (fashion in the 1960s). Men wore ties and belts and lapels. They liked to flare their belts. Their collars got wider than they are now (feel the groove baby). Men now wear more shorts and a t shirt. Everyday people do not just wear a suit or nice dress pants with a nice shirt. Men wore really tight pants, the fit around the thigh was sporty. Boots and hats became popular for men to wear in the 1960s (feel the groove baby). Men’s style started to change during the late 1960s. Men wore silk scarfs, mens pants started to become flared (1960s men fashion). Mens clothing now has changed, men do not wear silk scarves, only some men wear tight jeans around the thigh. Men wear more shorts and jean pants now. Men from the 1960s dressed more formal and now the style is more casual.


The styles all vary and some became more popular while other died down. Trends always go in and out of style, it’s only 2017 and there is still many trends to come, some styles from the 60s might still come back.

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