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May 15, 2017

I never really imagined my life would turn out the way it did my sophomore year of highschool. I expected to live a good life and have fun with my friends. I live in Boulder, Colorado. I go to a normal highschool and live a pretty normal life. My friends at school have always been the best people. Caroline, Josie, and Caitlin. The others at the school were mostly people who were very empowered. It started when i was friends with the wrong crowd. People drinking, doing drugs, and always searching for a way to party. I ditched class all the time and didn’t have the best relationship with my family, which I now regret so much.


At the time, this group of people were my friends, and we were all very close. Little things started happening that were calling to my attention, but I ignored them. Things like stealing money from me, getting in petty drama fights, and talking crap behind each others backs. Then, the summer came along. It was fun for a while. I had then met a guy that my friend, Amanda had been with 2 years previous before me and him started talking. One night, I had been drinking with friends and he texted me asking to hangout. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, he had taken my virginity, and taken advantage of me. I barely remember this night. The next morning, I told my friends that I had sex for the first time. We all had a group chat and they started to get mad at me for no reason. They called me names like “s***”, “w****”, “b****”, and more. They justify calling me these names because I went for a guy that one if my friends was with over 2 years before me. Some of my friends told other guys and everyone started to text me and ask me about something extremely personal that had happened to me. The day after it had happened, was awful for me. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I couldn’t even talk to my parents that day because I just kept thinking about what happened that night. As the day progressed, more and more people kept telling me I was a horrible person for doing it, kept calling me names, and posting things on social media. I cried a lot that day, and my mom noticed something was wrong. So I told her everything. She wasn’t upset with me, and she wasn’t disappointed. She was glad that I told her and she supported me

As the summer progressed, Amanda, my “friend” posted my number, address, and other personal information on craigs list for a fake ad. It was for a free sugar glider, which is a finger monkey. I started getting around 40 calls and 20 text messages a day from people who wanted to get the non-existent sugar glider. These calls continued for about 2 months continuously throughout the bullying, and my friend never took the ad down no matter how many times I asked her. Then, her other friends started joining in. They had a group chat named after me and sent pictures of me in class to the group. They would also call me names in the halls and over social media. They would make fun of me in the group, and there were around 45-50 people in that group. The friend who put the ad up told me she wanted to fight me and said she would “drop me in less than 3 seconds.” I’ll always remember her saying that. Eventually it started to die down, so me, my friend Caitlin, and my other friend Josie went to a party, where those people were there who had been bullying me. People were drinking, and doing drugs. Me and my friends remained sober through the night because we knew that we had to stay cautious of the people we were surrounded by. I had been talking to someone when Josie came running up to me telling me she just got punched in the face. I was surprised and confused. Then, the girl who had punched her came up to us and started calling us awful names and harrassing us. Others then joined in, in an effort to be on her side, not ours. We left the party after being harassed, yelled at, and spit on (literally), for almost 30 minutes. Josie, Caitlin and I got the police involved after the group message had been blown up by threats to vandalize, kidnap, and hurt us. It got so intense to the point where I almost lost my will to live.

I decided to transfer schools. I now attend an amazing high school. I met new people who have treated me so well. I reconnected with friends from middle school. I met a guy who has treated me so good. He makes me beyond happy and i love him so much. He’s made my transferring process so much easier. In the end, i have never been happier with the decision i made to transfer to a new school. This story can end happy, because i am happy. This is based on a true story.  

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