May 11, 2017
By EliseHardesty BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
EliseHardesty BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
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You know when it's snowing and there's a kind of perfect stillness? It's completely silent, despite that thousands of frozen molecules are plunging and crashing to the earth. It's silent and I swear, anyone from anywhere will be mesmerized. It's a beautiful silence.

I believe in the beautiful silences. Where you only see and appreciate beauty when it's silent. Noises distract from what you see and feel. When the distraction slips away, something or someone suddenly looks truly beautiful.

There's been times where I tell someone something important and they don't say anything. I confess something and I get no response. Or I might open up about something and they don't say anything. It's those situations where you send that so called “risky text” and they leave you on reads. That silence is terrifying.

I believe in terrifying silences. Where you understand the weight of your thoughts, experiences, emotions, but mostly your words. When you don't get a response and you are forced to think deeper and you have to reflect. Otherwise, you wouldn't take the effort or the face the fear of looking deep inside.

I've heard the phrase that the most powerful and dangerous weapon is the human tongue. I also think the most power defense and shield is deciding not to use it. The whole idea of “turning the other cheek”. Sometimes fighting back with your words only invites more violence into the world and ends in more pain. There's times where I need to defend myself by saying nothing. It's a defensive silence.

I believe in defensive silences. Sometimes the best way to defend myself is to say nothing. Silence is powerful when you give someone who only knows how to attack no ammunition.

Two people are having an engaging conversation. They keep talking and talking. And then it happens. Both people run out of things to say. The kind of silence that haunts people’s nightmares. The dreaded awkward silence.

I believe in awkward silences. Where you're forced to think quickly. And think about the other person and what they might be interested in talking about. Awkward silences break boundaries. They force people to be uncomfortable together and that is a huge step between any individuals.

Have you ever been on a car ride where there was no music? No talking? And before you know it, you've already thought about how succession works in different types of monarchies, hippos, and who invented football padding. You start to realize different things and truly let your mind wander. Sometimes your mind wanders into the dark places that you always fill with music so you never have to face the feeling that you are completely unlovable or that your best friend starting struggling with eating disorders because you stopped caring.  Those are the intellectual silences.

I believe in intellectual silences. There are times when you need to face the dark thoughts and challenge the inquisitive ones too. Sometimes you've buried enough demons that you need to let some go in order for you tread lighter. The music will only drown out the darkness until it drowns you. 

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