The Craziest Day Ever

May 11, 2017
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Today is the day. The last day of being a “Freshy” in high school. The year went by so fast! It seemed like just yesterday I was just arriving on my first day. Anyways, let’s get to the situation that happened.


So on the last day of school, most of everyone walks from the freshman school to Village Green; a park by the library. Usually, the seventh and eighth graders from the middle school also walk to the park. During my last day, my friend, Gavin texts me at lunch saying, “Sorry Austin, but I can’t go to the park. I hurt my neck and I’m going home.” I was really upset, but I was still going to walk with my other friends. My friends and I have an odd sense of humor, which is what gets us into our situation.

It was a long walk to Village Green, but we finally arrived at the park. Two of my friends started to make loud-funny-screeching sounds, which made us start laughing. This is the type of humor we found funny. Although we found this funny, the kids around us didn’t. They started to yell at us to stop, but we thought it was funny, so we continued. After about five minutes of making loud noises, a girl and her boyfriend, Phoenix -who used to play for my baseball team- came over to us, mulch gripped in his hands.

“You guys better stop, or I’m going to throw this mulch at you,” says the girl.

My friends continued making noises, and I was laughing-harder than I’ve laughed in my life- at them. Although, I was now starting to get nervous. The kids were now throwing mulch at us! I tell my friends that we should go get ice cream at the ice cream parlor, for we needed to get out of the area. My friends agreed-thankfully-and we started walking away. As we start walking, we see the big group of eighth graders running after us with mulch! We were now bolting it away from them. We had to lose them.

We ran for our lives, until we got inside the library. The silence and the occasional “HUSH” from the librarian filled the building. I take a look out of the window. I notice a giant crowd of people looking for us, and I know thought, “We’re all doomed.” My friend, Seth, really wanted revenge on them for throwing mulch at us. We all thought he was insane, but agreed we needed revenge. The plan was simple, sneak up behind the group, throw the mulch, then hightail it out of there. I decided to go with Seth; Also tagging along would be Jaden and Will. My job included being the recorder, because everyone else in our group wanted to see. My friends grabbed the mulch and started to sneak up behind the group taunting us. Right before Seth wanted to make a throw, Phoenix turns around.

“What’s that in your hands?” Phoenix exclaims.

My friends now didn’t know what to do. The rest of the pack started to approach us. The tension was now rising in the air like fog off of a pond on a summer morning. The members of the group were like a group of piranhas getting ready to take the first bite. Then, out of the blue, Will gets punched in the face! We all were in shock as Will went after him, only to back out. The smaller kid went behind a larger kid that Will wanted no business with. So Will looked really awkward in the moment. While the group was distracted -congratulating a bad victory- we took the opportunity to run away.

Once we arrived at the library, we turn around to see the crowd of people chasing us! I told my friends to split up and meet in the child section of the library. As I start making my way towards the area, I hear the fire alarm going off! I knew it had to be one of my friends. So I decide to ditch the meeting plan, and to get out of the library. My heart was beating a million miles per hour, as I run to my friend’s house.

My phone rang when I got to my friend’s house. It was my grandmother asking if I wanted to get picked up. I never said the word, “Yes” so fast in my life.

So this is where the story ends. And until this day, I still don’t know what would have happened, if I stayed back at the library.


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