Teach Me How to Study

May 14, 2017
By Anonymous

Have you ever been stuck in a test that you didn't study for at all; have you ever flew through a test because you studied for a whole week and knew every question before you could even say test. I always hated looking down at the black and white, filthy, rectangle piece of paper, glaring in the light; as it eats at my brain, working it so hard, like a juicer squeezing the life out of a tomato, as it makes tomato juice, it's begging for time to be turned back to the night before so you could study. But, I love it when I'm flying through a test, hearing the annoying, yet joyful tap-tap of the pencil penetrating the paper. It is very important to be sure that you study for all tests.
As I continue thinking about that, I suddenly remember the test on the Executive Branch in Mrs. Perry's class(social studies). She kept telling us all throughout the unit to be sure that every night, we, "...read, recite, review..." She says it as though a mother, having to constantly get on her child to do her chores. Mrs. Perry even had that face of how many times must I tell you, I thought. But I figured that I was good, no need to do any of that, until grades came back. As you might have guessed it, they weren't real good. And, my mother had started noticing that I wasn't getting the grades that I was used to as well.

She very loudly, unnecessary, and obnoxious voice warned me, as I remember, "You are a lot smarter than the grades that you have been getting, if you have to, bring it home everyday, study more!" That made me think of the song Teach Me How to Study... Will you teach me how to study t-t-teach me how to study." So, I decided to actually listen to both my mom and Mrs. Perry for once. You know, just to see if I'd actually get a better grade. A couple days later, after I studied all week, test day had finally showed its face. I was so anxious to get on the Chromebook and get started. 

Of course as soon as I opened the Chromebook, she yelled out, "Yes come in, come in, let's go, you guys know not to log onto the Chromebooks until everyone is ready. We all start at the same time and you guys should know that." I thought to myself, do we Mrs. Perry... do we really?

But, as soon as she said go, I bolted through it, like Usain Bolt (the fastest man on Earth) running a 100 yard dash… zoom! Before I hit submit, I thought to myself, that test was so easy, even a dinosaur could have passed it(dinosaurs have a brain the size of a peanut). But what if I got all those questions wrong, I asked myself, what if I did all of that studying for nothing? So, I went ahead and hit submit, and I see a 100% at the top when it loads. Wow, that test really was easy. Come on Mrs. Perry… it’s just too easy! I have, ever since, continued to read, recite, review for every test no matter what, even in Mr. Pearman’s class.

Another reason why everyone should study for tests is because of classes like Mr. Pearman’s. Mr. Pearman’s class was a definite curveball from the moment I walked through the door, into his room, and it still is. So far, it is one of the toughest classes that I have ever been in, and hopefully I will ever be in. But, we all know that it won’t be. As the year progressed, I was beginning to score low B’s and high C’s on tests. I thought that I didn’t need to study for his tests; I never took any of his freebie quizzes, unless we had to for a grade. Boy I should have slapped myself in the face right then and there… SMACK! I was pretty stupid to think that I didn’t need to study for tests in Mr. Pearman’s class. That was a strikeout waiting to happen… STTTTIIIRRRIIIIIIIKE 3, YOUR OUT! So, I got myself in practice gear to get some batting practice in, studying for the next curveball that would pop up soon. I studied long and hard for the next tests coming up. And you’ll never guess what happened on the next test, and the one after that, and the one after that. I got three A’s--two of them being 100%--! I smacked all three of those two-strike curveballs into the middle of next year… IT’S OUTTTAAA HERE, HOMEEEEERRRUUUUN!! By studying for tests, it has helped me greatly to get not just good, but great grades on tests, and it could help you too, even for a whole nine-weeks’ grade.

That brings up another thing. This first quarter, in Mr. Lutz class, I've gotten an A in his Algebra 1 class. You won't ever, in a million years guess why I got an A in his class the first quarter . . . it's because I studied and got good grades on my test. Now, I know that math comes easy for me and I'm really good at it, but because I studied for all of my tests in his class, I have been able to get really good grades in his class. I have learned that tests are much easier and better for you if you study for them, especially really long ones. This will definitely help me in the future because this is a high school credit class, so I don't have to take this class in high school now. I will eventually look back to this class and think to myself, boy what a relief it is that I don't have to take that class anymore. It's almost like you have just won a championship . . . that feeling of relief and excitement. Listening to the song We Are The Champions, and everyone around you is chanting Champ-ions! Champ-ions! Champ-ions! The sweet taste of victory is amazing, and can really be helpful in the future as well.

You choose which one you go with, getting your brain eat up by a curveball, or smacking it over the fence. So, the next time you hear the teacher say that there’s a test coming up, study! It will do you good. My dad once told me that tests are like sports, if you do some scouting on a team, you already have them beat because you know exactly what’s coming, but if you don’t, you spend your whole time just guessing. If you don’t study for tests, you will not do very good on it. Always remember to study for tests.

The author's comments:

It is a personal narrative, telling people to study for all tests...NO MATTER WHAT!

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