My Paradise

May 10, 2017
By Anonymous

It was during the blazing month of July that my family and I went on a tropical vacation to St. John in the Virgin Islands. After a long and tiresome day of plane flights, bumpy car rides through mountainous terrain, and a nauseating ferry excursion, we arrived in paradise, St. John. As far as the eye could see, were lush greenery and aqua blue water that glistened in the sunlight. Houses were dotted along the tops of the hills like sprinkles tossed on top of a cupcake. The night sky was as dark as coal and the stars were bright diamonds twinkling with the moon. The sound of soft waves brushing against the shore, and palm trees swaying in the breeze made it hard not to fall asleep. As I dove into the crystal clear water of Trunk Bay, I could taste the mixture of salt and sunscreen and feel the cool, refreshing water against my burnt skin. Fish with rainbow scales jolted past me with a flash of bright and intense color. As I snorkeled, I tried to suck in my stomach to keep away from the poisonous sea urchins, resembling  porcupines, and the magnificent coral surrounding me. The endless days in the warm sun and salty air turned my hair to straw and my skin a golden brown color. The island lifestyle made me never want to leave St. John.

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