The Girl Named Hope

May 8, 2017
By Anonymous

There was a small vintage looking house on the corner of a beautiful, calm cold sac. The walls were lined with light and dark grey bricks all around. This small beautiful house had a yellow circular arched door. Behind these beautiful walls and the vintage doors lied many things people didn't know. These four walls held the scarring memories for young children. A family of four lived in the lovely house and no know would of ever guessed anything was wrong with this family. Well, this so called "perfect" family was mine. It was an early February morning in Suffolk, England when my entire world was turned upside down. My mom was out in the back yard drinking tea and watching the birds play while my dad was just walking through the door from a very long night at work. With the wind whistling and the sun just barely waking up allowing a tunnel of dust particles to be shown through the white curtains, a thunderous boom came from our front door startling my dad. Turning around with dreary eyes, my dad opened the door to 2 police officers and social services agents. Surprising my father with their appearance my dad said, " Hello Officers, what can I do for you?" Both officers started at the same time but the male officer shut off his voice to allow the women to speak.

"Hello, we are from the police department and work with England. We are from social services and have a few questions." Without hesitation my dad willing let them in knowing nothing was wrong. "We have had 2 anonymous calls saying they have seen a woman obtaining substances with 2 younger men and hurting 2 children." In complete awe my dad replied with, 

"With all due respect sir but are you crazy? Is this some joke? Can I see your badge?" Almost instantly the two officers pulled out their badges. With my dad's heart racing, he ran down the hallway to make sure my sister and I were fine. When he entered our room he found that my sister had a golf ball sized bruise on her forehead and I had cuts all along my arms and legs. Holding my sister and I in my his arms, my dad peered down the hallway to find that the officers were standing at the end of the hall waiting. When my dad met these officers at the end of the hallway they pried my sister and I out from my dad's hands. In tears, my dad watched as we were taken out the front door and placed in car seats. My dad said when he looked out the window he saw my sister and I holding the blankets he got us with tears streaming down our cheeks. His heart had just been ripped into two different pieces and there was nothing he could do about it. With a very vague memory of what happened after that my dad ended things with my mom, and gave his life up in the U.K. to go live with his side of the family in California. I remember driving away from that little vintage house and the lady told us she's going to take us to a very lovely home with very nice people. The new home we were being introduced to was a foster home.


Our first night in foster care the couple that was taking us in were very tall and looked as if they were in there mid 40's. They introduced us to all of the other foster children and told us to make ourselves at home. Not knowing when we would be returning home, that’s exactly what we did. Months went by and the more time that went by the more we started to feel like this foster family was our true and only family. After a while of only talking to my dad on the phone once a month we lost contact with our real family. After 11 months of thinking we were never going home and that we'd have to stay in this foster home forever, there was a knock on the door. When my foster parents opened the door there was a lady in all black standing there. At first we were sure that she was another social services agent and was going to take us to a new home until she said,   Hi! I am the father of these two girl's lawyer. " As soon as I heard she was in contact with my dad my heart was racing. I got so excited and I honestly was ready to pack my bags and go home. She came inside and told us a little about her self and then explained that my dad has been trying to get us home for over six months now and the quarts have finally gave him the approval to go England and try getting us out of the foster system. After our small quick visit she said she would be back in a couple of weeks with my dad. I remember thinking to myself, wow my dad has actually been trying to get us back? All that time I was thinking he forgot about me and he was just gonna leave me in some strangers home. My sister and I were so happy that we had a chance of finally going home.


Those next couple of weeks were absolutely traitorous. Every day I was hoping they would come just a little bit earlier and I was so anxious to get out of this foster home. After talking to this lady about my dad I was so happy and super excited to be with my dad again. When the two weeks passed by she was back again, my sister and I were so excited we couldn't wait to see my dad again. Everyone was expecting to see this lady walk through the door first but it was my dad caring a stuffed animal with little candies. The three of us exchanged a tight hug and then we all ran outside to play on the trampoline. A little bit after jumping on the trampoline and playing tag with my dad and this lady she told us we need to have a talk. With anticipation written across all of our foreheads they told us that we were going to be able to go home. The word home ran through my mind and I was flying off the trampoline ready to go home with my dad, as a young child I didn't understand that things weren't that simple, she told us they still have to get approval saying we were allowed to be taken out of the foster system and that my dad was in a stable place to take us. Sadly after our little visit it had to come to a end, as my dad left he promised us that he was going to be back in a couple days. Being a young and ambitious child I didn't understand why we couldn't just leave right now. When my dad left I remember telling my self that I was going home and home was only a few days away. When the day that I was supposed to go home my sister and I stood by the door like impatient puppies ready to go for a walk. We started losing hope and becoming impatient as the day dragged on until there was a knock on the door, it was my dad, his lawyer, and a few other people who looked like social services officers. My dad's lawyer told us that these other people were there to take us to the main office so we could be released from foster care. Our bags were already packed so when they told us we could leave we said good-bye to our foster parents and siblings. There was a few tears shed but they were happy for us because we were going home. All of us traveled in a car to a large building and then from there it was just my dad, my sister and I in a car on our way to the airport. We were amazed by everything that had happened and we couldn't believe we were going home. On our way to the United States my dad told us that he has a beautiful house in Chino, California waiting for us as well as his entire side of the family. The word home ran through my mind so many times in that hour and finally understood what it meant.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write about my life experience because I really want to inspire other foster children to tell their stories and being in foster care is nothing to be ashamed of. 

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