Family Is Everywhere

May 2, 2017
By , Metairie, LA

If ever asked, “What do you need to be happy?” I would answer with no hesitation, “Family.”  The most important part of anything in life is something’s foundation; the foundation of a family is the parents.  Ever since I could remember, my parents have been my biggest role models in both their relationship and their character.  From the time I was little, they’ve always been there supporting me with gleaming smiles and pride in their eyes in anything I do.  Mom and Dad have always been my rock whenever I’ve needed them.  In times of distress, they would wrap their arms so tightly around me and whisper about how everything would always turn out all right because mommy and daddy would always be there.  However, no matter how tight their grip could be now, I know that not everything turns out all right.

On the Fourth of July, I had woken up to screaming and shouting that seemed loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood.  My tired body laid limp in my bed as my now widened eyes stared at my ceiling in confusion.  What is going on? Is that mom and dad? What could they possibly be talking about? Did the plans change for today or something?  I had just fallen asleep eight hours ago with excitement and joy running through my body, but now I felt nothing but confusion and anxiety.  I slowly pulled my sheets off of my body, and I started to trudge downstairs, my eyes bulging with fear.

As I slowly walked into the kitchen, each of my parents stood on either side of the table, and their heads turned quickly to look at me.  As their stares met mine, cold silence filled the room.  I didn’t have to think for more than a second to figure out what I was about to hear.  My mom unexpectedly says, “Honey, I need to talk to you.”  She was followed by, “I’ll see you later, Kel.  I love you,” from my dad.  As my mom gripped the kitchen counter as if her life depended on it, with a choked up voice she asked me if I thought we could live on our own.  I didn’t answer, for I wanted to give her time to collect herself.  Little did I know that the time I’d given her to collect herself would last months on end.  Losing her husband, my father, was a deep cut that, no matter how much time passed, would remain a bright red scar, reminding her of who she thought he was.

A broken foundation could lead those relying on it to maybe live broken lives. On the contrary, the break in my family has opened my eyes to opportunities I never even thought of. Setting family as the fundamental base of my lifestyle has caused me to rely greatly on the care and support of those around me. Now that the love and support of family is not constantly surrounding me, I have come to find family everywhere I go rather than just at home.    As human beings, we rely on love and support from others to be our emotional rock.  Having a particular affinity for the people I surround myself with, I find that families can be made with just a bit of effort and open-mindedness.

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