My Brother

May 5, 2017
By Gavin17Miller BRONZE, Wentzville, Missouri
Gavin17Miller BRONZE, Wentzville, Missouri
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My brother Peyton is 10 years old. He is currently in 5th grade and just like me in school. He's only good at interesting things, if it's boring he doesn't care, which in his case is most things other than gym so his grades are mediocre. But one thing he does care about and tries his best at is soccer. My brother is a beast at soccer just like his awesome older brother. He doesnt currently play select because its too expensive but he used to play for RUSH and won the state cup two years ago with that team. He's on a rec team now with his friend and i co-coach the team and we won a SCCYSA league last year and headed the way to win another one. My brother is by far the best player on the team. Hes missed half the season and still the top goal scorer and has most assists. And hes second in league with goals scored only playing half the games. If he continues playing and working I would be surprised if he didnt play D1 and at least play MLS soccer. He will definitely be first team all conference and varsity for Holt. Hes the happiest little kid when the games start but right when he either loses the ball or gets tripped or kicked by one of the unathletic runts he gets heated and tramples kids and gets lots of fouls. You could say hes a little Neymar if you knew who that is or saw my brother play. And outside of soccer hes an athlete still. He plays flag football and just outruns everyone as running back and he plays select baseball. His little white self sucks at basketball though. The only downside about him is his temper forsure, i work with him just about everyday to calm it. It could hurt his soccer career if he gets mad one time and beats a kid or even possibly kill someone. Ive never seen anyone more mad than ive seen him a few times. But its rare unless you do it on purpose then its easy. But hes the coolest little brother. Whenever i fight with my parents he sides with me and talks smack with me on them. And i do the same with him. Were a perfect duo. Hes always here for me no matter what, even if we fist fought five minutes ago and im upset now he will be nice and do anything to make me feel better. Hes just the best little brother i could ask for. The best memory i have of him is last years final game in the season and my brother dribbles around everyone and that includes the goalie and get brought down in the box by the fattest 10 year old ive ever seen in my life. When the kid trucked him he shattered my brothers hand and Peyton wasnt giving up last minute right after he won a penalty, he took that penalty with tears running down his eyes and scored. My little brother won his team a whole lead with a shattered hand. If he was older thats nothing but the fact a 10 year old so set on winning and didnt give up when he had a good reason to and didnt made me so proud as a brother and as a coach.

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It's about my brother

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