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May 4, 2017
By BrynnSmela BRONZE, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
BrynnSmela BRONZE, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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In your life, there is usually one thing your mind thinks of when you think of comfort. Some think of food, others think of other people, maybe some think of home, but I think of something different: my brown tabby cat Sina with her pale green eyes and cute little pale pink nose. She has always been a silent supporter in my life. Ever since I held the soft cat in my arms, I knew she was going to be the best thing that has ever happened to me.
It all started in May of 2013 when I learned my grandparents were moving to Georgia to live with my aunt. I was heartbroken. My grandparents were always so special to me and helped me out when my parents couldn’t. The news left me upset for weeks, that was until they delivered some bittersweet news to me. Since my aunt already had a cat and didn’t want another one, my grandparents would have to give their cat, Sina, away. They instantly thought of me when they learned that. Before being brought to me, Sina would never be around people. She spent a majority of her time in the basement or on my grandfather’s lap. As soon as a stranger would approach her, she would dash off into the basement. I didn’t think I would enjoy having Sina due to her antisocial personality, but my mind was changed the day my grandparents gave her to me.

My grandparents ended up moving in August of that same year. The day they left Pennsylvania was the day I received Sina. That day I spent outside playing volleyball with my friend, Rita. When I came home, I looked to my mother, and she smiled, telling me that Sina was in my room. I instantly ran up the steps and into my bedroom. On my bed, a little, frightened feline was awaiting me. My heart swelled at the cute, precious face staring at me. From that day on, Sina would be my source of happiness and comfort.

That same year, I started my freshman year of high school. At first, it was plenty of fun but when the days progressed, a tight feeling appeared in my chest, preventing me from going to school. I later learned that the tight feeling was anxiety and I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. That year was the toughest year of my life by far, but my little comrade was by my side the entire time. Any moment that I felt like life was especially hard, I’d turn my lights off and crawl into my bed, cuddling the sweet little cat. Even now I still cuddle Sina when I get stressed. When the pressure of graduation and college sneak into my mind, I get into my bed and snuggle into my little queen, Sina.

Sina has impacted my life in such a positive way in the smallest of ways. From the quirky twisting of her tail to her furry belly, she never fails to make me happy. I can’t even remember what life was like before she came into it. I will be forever grateful that I have the chance to raise Sina. In my mind, I know she won’t be around forever, but even when I’m old and gray, I’ll think of her and how she helped me through my rough days. I will love Sina forever and always.

The author's comments:

This work was written in my Creative Writing class in my senior year of high school. My teacher chose this piece to be in the school's literary magazine.

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