Parents Should Be Open

May 4, 2017
By laurennharriss SILVER, Hemet, California
laurennharriss SILVER, Hemet, California
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"you never believed in heaven before her, and now all you understand is how to pray, and all you do is thank God over and over for her presence."

I'm a 16 year old girl under the care of her single mother. It's just us against the world. In a world that is so fast paced and stressful, with so many things being thrown at you at once, sometimes all you need is a friend. You need someone who you can be completely honest with and who will love you regardless. You need someone to listen to your first world problems that seem so pointless to everyone else. And for me, that someone is my mom. Were closer than the gilmore girls- which is our favorite show might i add.

My mom has always been completely open with me, she has no problem admitting to her past mistakes and finding ways to reflect her learning experiences onto me. By doing this, she doesn't portray herself as a flawless being that i have to live up to. She's a human with human mistakes. Like me.

I tell her everything. Seriously, everything. Even stuff that she could manage without hearing. But she's my bestfriend, and i feel like keeping anything from her makes me overcome with guilt.

All she has ever shown me is honesty and i need to do the same because of her.

A few weeks ago, i was ignorant and was struggling to fit in with a new group of friends. Until i was offered a poison apple that promised to make everything better. I gave in. and the only thing that went through my head is how i let my mom down. She is the only person who gives me motivation to get up in the morning. And i had to live with the fact that i let her down. Yet, while everyone else giggled to each other and walked in slow motion, i texted my mom.

I wasn't myself but i was still there enough to tell her that i tried what i had previously been so against. I told her i was safe, that i wasn't in a car, and that i love her.

She replied with “thank you for telling me. I trust you not to end up like your brother.”

Because my mom is so open with me, she drives me not to want to disobey her. I am not afraid of my mom. I don't hide anything or sneak behind her back. I don't live with the fear of her grounding me if she finds something out.

I know that mistakes are inevitable milestones in my teenage lifetime, but my mom will be there to pick up the pieces when i have no one else.

She always knocks before entering, she clarifies before assuming, and she doesn't punish me for my wrongs.
She has always respected my privacy.She has never gone through my things or asked for any of my passwords. As soon as she backed off, i came to her.

She makes me want to be better. I don't want to disappoint my beautiful mother because then i'll know that i have no one.

So as just a little lesson to parents: take a step back, and your kids will come to you.

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