Had a Cupcake

April 23, 2017
By SmileyChey BRONZE, Montague, Michigan
SmileyChey BRONZE, Montague, Michigan
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“Had a Cupcake”

“Had a cupcake
Thought of you
Ate it anyway
Good thing I have two” - Destiny

I wish I had written the date somewhere on that paper, for I remember the exact moment and situation but not the date. I was at my grandma’s sometime my freshmen year and my friends Alexis, Destiny, myself, and a couple other people were working on a project over the computer. The laptop was not working that night so I had to start up the old Windows desktop. A rather large, white computer shoved behind notebooks, papers, and other collect-alls on the computer desk. It was so dusty and I remember even having to wipe away dust off the white keyboard. We all typed back and forth on the bottom of the paper together, refusing to actually do any work until everyone was gone besides Destiny and I. As we said our goodbyes she typed on the bottom of our chat: “Had a cupcake, thought of you, ate it anyway, good thing I have two.” Now I’m the type of sappy person that collects anything that has a certain meaning or sentimental value. So I grabbed the closest purple pen and ripped a neon pink note from a small notepad and collected this moment. A moment in which I was using an old desktop for the last time, a moment in which I was spending one night out of the year that would be my grandma’s last. A moment where one note, one poem, was spontaneously made that captured one of the last simple times of my life. A moment where the only thing that mattered was friendship and a cupcake. Times are not as simple as they once were. That desktop is sitting in someone’s garage collecting more dust. My grandma is in heaven watching over the people that matter. I’m lucky if I get to talk to that friend once a day. Things change, people change, and times are never the same.

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