Tin Foil

April 14, 2017

Such a charming boy. So sweet. So kind. So unfortunate.

But you didn't know him like I did.

He hurt me. I know, it doesn't seem like he could. But everyone is capable of being hurt. Everyone can hurt someone else.

All of humankind is made of tin foil, ready to be crushed. Some survive. They're the lucky ones. The rest of us are mashed flat by the hand that feeds us.

I remember that night I fell in love with him, sitting under the stars. A circle of friends, laughing at an inside joke that he didn't yet understand. That was the first night I saw him vulnerable. I saw him scared. That vulnerability was so easy to love, and so I loved blindly.

What a fool I was.

You lied to me, and you lied to yourself. And in a way, so did I. I told myself you loved me. That we could be together. I let myself dream. You were the only man I ever loved. You are incapable of love.

I only saw it years after it ended, what you did to me and I did to you. We brought out the worst in each other. I was cruel, and you were vicious.

It's no suprise how you turned out. Addicted to drugs, ready to do anything for anyone. Half dead. Do you have any idea how much, even after all these years, I want you dead? Any idea what you really did to me?

Do you care?

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