I Am Space-X

April 7, 2017
By PaddockJ GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
PaddockJ GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The white-hot fire propels the rocket into the air. Its creators try to chew on their nails, but quickly realize they don’t have anymore nails to chew on. As the rocket cuts its way through the air, it leaves behind a volcanic eruption that shakes the earth. The designers and engineers’ legs start to shake while the camera vigorously oscillates in response to the power of the lift-off. Years of work put into five minutes of flight. A miniature sun follows the missile-like object as it projects past the earth’s atmosphere. The whole crew stands up when the curvature of the earth becomes apparent in the view of the camera attached to the rocket. High fives and cries of joy can be heard all the way to the International Space Station while the rocket settles into the same orbit.
The following day, the same crew sits around a table. What can improve? Why did it only reach this velocity? What can make it more efficient? What will we do next? New goals are constructed while the reflection takes place. New plans start to take effect. The engineers excitedly embrace the process that is so familiar to them. The new project begins.

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