Eyes Through Stippled Sun Beams

April 7, 2017
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My family has big eyes, eyes that are perfectly shaped, but hidden when we smile. They all have a sense of warmth, a sense of comfort, and a sense of peace. They are eyes with a design supplemented through stippled sun beams.

My father, my sister, my brothers, and me—all with eyes that attractively catch someone’s attention, just by a glance. Father’s eyes are like a slightly cloudy, summer day; they are swirly wisps of bright blue with a slight hint of grey clouds. Nicole’s eyes are like a Cornflower Crayon, one that is perfectly shaped and never been touched by another color. Ryan’s eyes are that of a green olive: shiny, symmetrical, and shimmering with the sun. Carter’s eyes remind me of asparagus: crisp and dark with subtle flecks of a lighter shade of green. My eyes are pear shaped diamonds, ones that glisten and gleam in the grotto—manmade, but full of beauty.

However, my mother’s eyes, are a different story. They are like the darkest of all dark chocolates. They are like the darkest of all skies. They are like the darkest of all coffee beans. Her brown eyes are majestic and monumental. But, the brown eyes of my mother show more warmth than a steaming cup of hot cocoa. The darkest of eyes turn so light through her love and through the reflection of the stippled sun beams.

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