The Reality of High School

April 6, 2017
By Anonymous

High school is wonderful yet scary; freeing but constraining.  You get judged with every step you take.  People judge what you wear, how your hair is done.  It even comes down to what brands you are wearing. They will talk behind your back, laugh at you and give weird looks.  They will make you feel like there are horns growing out of your ears and you come from a different planet.  High school is not just academically difficult but socially.  Some people are just plain awkward and they are trying to find themselves.  Between constantly worrying about school and what people think about you, you get stressed out very easily.  Letting everything build up overtime and the burdens you carry make it tough to enjoy high school; a time meant to have fun and enjoy time with your friends.  It is hard to find friends that stick by your side and help you through the hard times.  More importantly, finding friends that stick up for you when you are not around.  Good friends know how to make you smile, how to turn your day around.  They make the worst times bearable. When you don’t want to talk to your parents you know you can always turn to your best friend.  Between the back stabbing, lying and cheating of high school it is a necessity to have a “rock”. Someone that is always available and has a listening ear. High School is rough but with the right people, it can be one of the most memorable times.    

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired because I am living through the roller coaster ride of high school. 

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