Hard Working Brother

March 30, 2017
By , Menlo Park, CA

One day during the month of August of 2016, I got home from my last 8th grade class of the day. I got home to my older brother talking about how he was going to be working at my school. They would pay him more than his old job and he also likes to work with kids. He was going to be a mentor for the After School Program. One day, I was sitting with him and talking with him and he said, “Salma do you mind me working at your school.” As I was nodding my head I said, “no.” I live with him so it’s interesting to hear him talk about the students and it was also fun to watch him try to learn most of the kids name’s. I was also happy for him because he got a good job. He also goes to school at the same time. Even though many people go to school and then to work, I only get to see how he goes to school and then straight to work and he’s not negative about it. This changed something about my life because I learned that he will be there for me if I need anything and he teaches me to not be negative even when bad things are coming to my life.

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