Sister Love

March 30, 2017
By , Menlo Park, CA

On June 10th of 2016, it was my sister’s graduation and it was kind of boring. She was leaving high school School and entering UC Santa Cruz . As she was walking through the stage I remembered my earliest memory with her which was when I wanted to go inside my aunt's house and my cousin and my sister locked the door. Then they kept saying, “ Go Home Roger” then I screamed, “ STOP IT”  they kept saying “ GO home roger go home” and I got mad so I grabbed a booster seat and I threw the booster seat at the window and broke the window. I knew that she was very helpful in my life because she would help me with my anger even though she caused some of it. Ever since she’s been gone it hasn’t really changed anything. One thing that has changed was I now forget I have another sister. I do think about my family differently because now knowing one is gone I want to cherish my moments with them. In the future I want my kids to feel the same about their siblings. This changed something about my life because I should care about my sisters.

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