My Worst Shopping Experience

March 30, 2017
By , Menlo Park, CA

One Saturday evening, my friends and I were hanging out. We were hanging at Downtown Redwood City. It’s a beautiful small city I like walking around Redwood City with people who am closed to because for me it’s like we’re doing something together. We enter the store called “Styles”, the store is really small, they sell really cute clothes. We decided to shop there because we often shop there, and because it was really close. We start looking around for clothes to try on.


When we were done looking for clothes, we went into the dressing room. We start trying on clothes, taking pictures, and showing our friends the clothes they picked out for us and what we picked out for ourselves. We were doing it for about 30 minutes or more. The people who worked at the store started hurrying us up because there was a “line” basically only ONE person!!!!!!! I was a little frustrated because we couldn’t try on all the clothes we picked out. We picked out about  6 items but since we couldn’t bring more than six items we had to divide the clothes. So I tried to hurry up and get dressed.


Once my friends and I got out, we started waiting for my sister to pay what she was going to buy. So my friends and I were looking at the chokers. I was deciding if I should buy one or not at the end I decided not to because it was too expensive . When I turned around I saw cops, my friends said, “I wonder why the cops are here.”


“maybe something happened around here”. The cops approach us. They say, “Do you guys know why we are here.” We all said “no”. They said “the ladies called us saying that we looked like we were stealing”. We all looked at each other confused. We all said “no”. My friend said “We have our own money to buy things we don’t need to be stealing!”. The cop said “You don’t need to be mad at me were just checking and doing our job”. Then the cop said that once we were cleared up we can go. There was one cop that was with us the cop told us “Did you guys might of passed some clothes around” we all said “no” and he said that maybe that’s why it looked like you guys were stealing. I believe that the cop that was with us was a little bit irritated because he kind rolled his eyes. After that the other cop came to us and asked the lady if everything that we had was ours she took a look at us and said “yes”. At the end, they let us go but my friends and I were a little bit mad because we were wondering why they accused of stealing. But we were also frustrated because we thought that since we were young they might of wanted for us to look bad or think we will do something bad.

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