The Beanie

March 30, 2017
By Esmeralda.rwc BRONZE, Redwood, California
Esmeralda.rwc BRONZE, Redwood, California
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One day in 7th grade, I left my house, it was a windy morning.  I felt the breeze of the cold air. As I’m walking towards school, and getting closer  i look to the side of me and my brother is shivering in coldness.  I get my other beanie that i have in my bag, and put it on him. Finally we get to school.,  I’m turning in my phone in the office and i notice that a lot of the staff is staring at me.

I’m walking out the door while hearing whispers.  Before i even have the chance to push the door open i hear my name called, but this time it was not a whisper.  I turned around….

Me: “Yeah?”
Principle: “can you come here for a minute?”
Me: “Okay?”
Principle: “Is that red?
Me: “Excuse me?”
Principle: “Your beanie…. Is it red?”
Me: “no?”
Principle: “but it looks red.”
Me: “well . . .it’s not.”
Principle: “but it’s in the red category.”
Me: “our uniform pants are blue.”
Principle: “The color of the uniform pants is not the same color that Gang members use.”
Me: “well, the color of my beanie is not the same color that gang members use.”
Principle: “but it looks like red.”
Me: “I realize that our school uniform color is not the same blue that gang members use but it looks like blue, so what’s the difference there?”
Principle: “we were not talking about the school uniform pants.”
Me: “then why can we wear blue and not red?”
Principle: “those are just the rules.”
Me: “i guess.”
Principle: “For now you can leave it here and pick it up after school.”

I left without a saying a single word. Great just great, now I’m cold again… I just hope i don’t get sick again.  As i’m speed walking to my class, I’m  looking at the shelves on the hallway and it’s making me wanna smack them down.  i’m really frustrated about how the situation was managed.   As I’m entering my first period class, and my teacher says…

Teacher: “Good morning.”

And all i did is roll my eyes and sat down.  Now, The teacher is giving me my worksheet back from yesterday, and i rip it and throw it away.  My teacher asks…

Teacher: “Why are you ripping your paper? What’s going on with you today?”

I ignore my teacher again and then for one second i snap out of it, and say…

Me: “Huh? Oh um… nothing, it’s just a headache.”
Teacher: “Oh, ok.”

I’m not going to lie i was still pretty upset about the beanie situation.   I’m wondering if I was mad about something else, maybe it could be that I was taking out my anger on the beanie situation.  Or maybe it was because i don’t like people telling me what to do if I don’t agree with them.
5 hours later…

Finally, it’s time to go home, I just want to lay down in my bed eating Macaroni and Cheese.   But first i need to get my phone and my beanie from the office.   As, I’m walking to the office i’m getting irritated again, and remembering my discussion with the principle.   I walk in get my phone then ask for my beanie.   Once i got it my beanie i left home… i thought that the principal was going to say something after she handed my beanie.  

i’m walking home relieved that she didn’t want to have another conversation about it.  Once i got home i did as i pleased.   Today I learned that life is not fair and that rules are still  issues because most people don’t agree.  I know that in the future, problems like this are going to get bigger.

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