March 30, 2017
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On February 2, 2015 at 9:30 pm

I was waiting for my cousin to get out the store, I was in the car waiting the shining blue light from the radio buttons made me feel…Relaxed. I still felt anxious though, I wanted to go already. He finally came out the store. He opened his white car. I loved his car, the kacky seats and dark windows with nice white color on the outside. It was very neat and nice. He got in the car, and turned on the radio, he put on mexican music. We were on our way to get my new puppy.

1 week earlier…
My cousin, gera,  entered the room. ¨One of my friends is giving away a puppy, you don't want it?¨. My cousin asked.
¨OHH! I definitely want it.¨I said with joy!
“We can go get it next week”.
“SORRY!? I just wanted to be sure and tell you a bit earlier, is your mom going to be okay with it”
“Mom can I have a dog?” I whispered. There was no response.” I didn't hear a No”, I smiled.
“WHATEVER, I’ll just come back next week.”
Back to February 2. 10pm
I was getting so sleepy on the way to my cousin´s friend´s house. When we finally made it he got out of the car, and so did I. I walked up to his friend they were outside of their light brown house waiting for us. I crossed the road and stood their waiting for them to get the dog. My cousins´ friend walked to his car he grabbed the dog out of his car.
“Yeah?” My cousin responded.
“WHY?” I questioned him.
“He has fleas.”
“Well i’m telling you now”. He responded
“WOW!” I rolled my eyes.

My cousins friend walked up to me and gave him to me. I was grabbing him against my chest his soft white fur kept me warm outside. I looked down at his face. His big gray eyes shining in the moonlight and his floppy spotted ears covered the side of his face, his ears were thin as paper and his paws as small as peppermint candies.  He was the most beautiful little thing I have ever seen. He was a male chihuahua, his ears were really big. “Thank you”, I said and waited for a response. “Your welcome”. My cousin’s friend said as he smiled, and nodded. I walked back to the car rubbing the dog’s ears. When I got in the car I was surprised he didn’t start crying for his mommy. He was shaking but not crying. I waited for my cousin came back. “You like him?”, He asked me getting in the car. “I love him, thank you”, I felt so happy very excited, but calm. I also felt nervous about taking home a new puppy. “Your welcome”, my cousin answered.

When I got home, my sister was watching tv.
“Isn’t it past your bedtime?” I asked her while walking through the door.
“ I’m 17, isn’t it passed YOUR bedti… WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND’S?!!”
“OH my new puppy”, I said casually, Walking in front of her.
“What! That’s not fair, you can have a chihuahua! But I can’t have A CAT”
“That’s because the type of cat YOU want is a lion”
“It’s still a cat…” She stayed quiet.
“LET ME SEE IT!” she yelled.
“He’s a living thing! Don’t call him ‘it’”.
“(GASP) Don’t call him ‘thing’, it’s a living it”
“What ever”
“It has fleas” I said giving him to her.
She gave him back to me. “TAKE HIM BACK!”
I chuckled, my sister gave him back to me. “AWE, he was so cute until you told me he has fleas…”. My sister said.
“Can you help me shower him?”.
“Do you have dog shampoo?”.
“I can ask Mrs.rosa, the neighbor for some dog shampoo?”
“Oh yea, NO! Its 10:30 pm retard she’s probably sleeping”
“Hmm… I can sneak in?”
“Her dog, Blacky is going to eat you alive”
“Your right…”

2 minutes later…
“Umm...why are you dressed in black?”, my sister asked.
“I’m going to sneak into her house”.
“If she see’s you, she might sneak you into prison as well”
“It’s fine”
“Um..ok then, good luck”

“Haha, bye”, I said leaving and closing the door. I walked through the driveway, opened the gate and left to Mrs.Rosa’s house. As I opened the wooden door to her driveway, it creeked. “Shut up dumb door”, I whispered. I slowly tiptoed through  her driveway, Blacky came out behind her mini van. He walked up to me and started growling, His black hair and pointy ears pointed up in the air as if he had been electrocuted. “Umm, nice Blacky”. I pulled out roast chicken from my pocket and threw it to their back yard, the dog followed it. “HAHA!”, I laughed at the dog. I pulled out an empty bottle of dasani water and grabbed the dog shampoo, she had it on top of the dog house, and poured some into the bottle. “WHAT ARE YOU…”. Screamed Mrs. Rosa opening the door to her house. “AHH!” I yelled frightened. I got so scared I swinged the bottle of dog shampoo and it all spilled on Mrs.Rosa. (GASP), “Oops”. I whispered.  “I don’t even want to know, just take the shampoo and leave”, Mrs.Rosa said rubbing the shampoo off her face. “Thanks Mrs. Rosa”, I whispered. I got out of her house awkwardly and entered proudly into my house.

“Oh you’re alive”. Said my sister Ana holding the fridge door open.
“Yeap! And not in prison!”, I answered proudly.
“Hey have you seen the roast chicken mom made?”, Ana questioned.
“BLACKY! Where did you get that bone?” Mrs. Rosa yelled from her house.
I gulped, “Um… I don’t know… I got the shampoo now, can you help me shower him?”.
“OKAY?”, she replied.

I grabbed the dog and took him to the shower. As I walked into the bathroom with my sister, I grabbed a towel from the towel rack. It was a white towel with red flower drawing’s on it. Ana turned on the water and started adjusting it to make it warm enough for the puppy. The puppy was sitting in the corner of the room watching us rush. I grabbed the puppy and put him in the bathtub, while Ana put her hair in a bun. I grabbed my older brother’s comb to brush of the flee’s. “Isn’t that flavio’s comb?”, Ana asked. “WE CAN THROW IT AWAY AFTER WE’RE DONE!”, I yelled. “What if he asks for it?”. “He can buy a new one!”. “Ok… ” she replied. We started showering the dog, there was fleas everywhere!

2 hours later…
“Oh my god I am so glad we’re done”, I said.
“I know, I don’t think he has ANY fleas left”, Ana responded.
(YAWN) “It’s 1 am, Let’s go to sleep”.
“I can’t believe my parents still aren’t here”.
“They probably went to the casino again, let’s just go to sleep”.
I picked up the puppy out of the bathtub. I dried him on the towel. I carried him to my bed, and we went to sleep.

The next morning…
I woke up in the morning to my puppies soft white fur in front me. “Good morning puppy… what should I name you?”, I questioned.
“Where’s the puppy!”, Ana said entering the room.
“Right…”. I didn’t finish talking. I lifted up the blanket and the puppy wasn’t their
“Where is it?”, asked Ana
“I don’t know it was here 2 seconds ago?”.
“Why is their a dog in the kitchen!!!???”. My mom yelled from the kitchen.
Ana and I looked at each other, our eyes wide open, “DAMN IT”.
We both ran to the kitchen.
“He he, oh look a puppy?”, Ana said faking she was surprised.
“Ana don’t act stupid, where did you get the dog?”, my mom said in a serious face.
“YEA… Ana?!”, I said chuckling.
“WHAT!! Arturo was the one that brought the dog home. You know I like cats better!”.
“ANA we’ve talked about this i’m not getting you a lion”, my mom said motioning her hands calmly.
“Arturo, where did you get the dog?”, my mom questioned.
“Jera, asked me if I wanted a dog, I said yes without your permission, and last night we went to go get him, and I already took of all his fleas so we can NOT give him back now, anyways LET’S KEEP HIM PLEASE!”.
“Of course we’re not giving him back, that’s kind of ridiculous, you already brought him, why waste my time, but he is going to be YOUR responsibility!”. 
“OK, YES, thank you, thank you, thank you”.
“Yea, yea, yea.”
“So… about that lion?”, Ana interrupted.
“NO!” mom yelled.
“Too soon?”, Ana said with a smile.
“What should we name him?”, I asked.
“KAPUYO…”, mom said.
“POLLO?, he isn’t chicken”.
“No, Arturo, KAPUYO, in mexico there is a little white flower and it’s called ‘Kapuyo’, and the puppy is small and white, he’s also going to be living with a mexican family so what better name than kapuyo?”. My mom said.
“I don’t know maybe sparky?!”, I said. “But Kapuyo is a really nice, unique name, I guess his name is Kapuyo!”.
“Welcome to the family…  Kapuyo… I still want that lion”, Ana said.



They all lived happily ever after, Kapuyo is now 3 years old, and loves chewing on my socks when I go to sleep.

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