Wishes We Probably Won't Get

March 29, 2017
By Esha80192 BRONZE, Lincoln, Rhode Island
Esha80192 BRONZE, Lincoln, Rhode Island
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I recently find myself not being able to tolerate myself. I don't like how tall I am I wish I was shorter I don't like how my teeth are I wish they were whiter, straighter,and sharper. I wish I had a cute defect like glasses and or dimples. I wish I didn't need to wear make up and I could feel comfortable in my own skin without feeling like people will ridicule every tiny flaw. I don't like the way my face scrunched up when I smile it contorts my facial features into some unknown being to the point where I don't want to smile. If you don't smile it's hard to get through the day people aren't likely to come your way and try to be your friend. If you can fake smile your way through the day you get "friends". I wish I was able to say what was on my mind I wish I could express how I feel in a calm conversation with out crying cause I'm frustrated. I wish I could have perfect hair and perfect everything. I wish I could have my life down and together then on the other hand I wish I had a life. I wish my I didn't put this pressure on myself to be the best in everything. I wish I didn't get hopeless at time and think I'll fall short of my goals. I wish I didn't push people away that I care about . I wish I was comfortable being who I am; I wish I knew who I am

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Just free writing about what's on my mind

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