The Big Lie

March 2, 2017

Elizabeth, her five siblings, and their parents invited their cousins over for a family picnic. Elizabeth was very excited because her cousin Tripp was coming. Their two families sent Elizabeth and Tripp to get plates, ice, cheese, and cups. So Tripp and Elizabeth got in the car and started to the store, on the way Elizabeth asked her cousin Tripp “I heard you got a girlfriend, what’s her name”

“Her name is Delaney, she goes to school with you”

“Oh  yeah, that’s cool”

When they got to the store they found the cups plates ice and cheese and got in the checkout line. Someone from school saw them and told everyone that Tripp was cheating on Delany with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth was bullied. When Elizabeth found out what this rumor was about, she found Delany, told her Tripp was her cousin. Delany forgave Elizabeth and Elizabeth forgave Delany, but then Delany spread another lie, saying that Elizabeth was trying to keep from being called names and was still dating Tripp.

Elizabeth didn’t know what to do so she went to the principle, and as soon as she got to the principle Delany was already there, she was telling the principle lies so that Elizabeth could be put in detention. The principle didn’t  know who to believe so he called Tripp and instead of doing the right thing he sided with his girlfriend and Elizabeth was put in detention.

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