Our Story

March 8, 2017

I had already decided. You would be my Romeo for what little time we had. We had six months left in our senior year. Our story is a complicated one although it started out quite the opposite. For nine months, I was in love with you-completely and totally in love with you. I didn't want anyone else. I just wanted you. And then He came along. He liked me and I liked Him. My feelings tore away at me until I left you to be with Him. I did that twice. And you still forgave me because your heart is pure. Or maybe it's so clouded by your love for me that you cannot truly see me. All you see is the idea of what I was and that is the idea you wish to cling to. Nevertheless we were finally happy. And another charming fellow came along. And He liked me and I liked Him and for a while I didn't do anything. It simply was how it was. But then the feelings started tearing again. And so I left you. On Valentine's Day. Ten days before our anniversary. And I will forever regret that. Because I will always love you. My feelings for others would come and go but you were the constant. You are the constant in my life. And I want to spend my senior year with you. My Romeo. As we used to say: Always and Forever.

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