The Time It Really Should Not Have Worked

March 9, 2017
By , Olathe, KS

One time when my family and I were driving to Colorado and we stopped at a gas station. My brothers and I went and looked around at all the games. Parker played the hand claw game that costs 75 cents. The prizes in the machine were like an iPod, a watch, a cell phone, some headphones and as DS. He was going for the iPod and ended up losing. I asked Max if I could borrow 75 cents so I could try. He said Ok but if I went for the iPod I had to give it to Parker. I said alright and put the money in the machine. The easiest thing to pick up was the iPod so I went for it. I moved the claw over the iPod until I was hoovering it. I dropped the claw onto it and clamped it down with the controller. To me and my brother’s amazement the claw actually picked it up. I started moving the claw over to the bin where it drops while trying really hard to keep my hand steady so it wouldn’t fall. In the background I could hear my brother saying “Is she actually gonna do it?!” The claw was now over the bin and I dropped it in. I just won my brother an iPod. 

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