March 7, 2017

Family~Well first of all I wouldn't just say that 'Family' is a group of people in your life that take care and watch over you, I wouldn't call it any if that BASIC stuff, to me the word 'Family' is a strong word. How? Well basically to me Family is actually people who are always there for you. Not only do they care but they also love you. So yes if your thinking what I'm thinking than Family should always come first, they should come before friends, aquatenses, etc. But from my perspective family should always be first. And as I was saying in the beginning family is more like people, yes. But that's not the point, the point is they are the type that supports you for what you do and what you have done. They care alot, love you unconditionally, always there for you, and yes, help you through tough stages that you are struggling. Not only they do that but they do many other great things. Family teaches you the things that are right from wrong, what's good nor bad. They teach you a lot of things that you haven't yet known. But believe me, family is always there when you need them, and they never turn you down. There wouldn't be anywhere else I'd rather be than with my family.

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