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March 8, 2017
By Klowbi BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Klowbi BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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“Can you believe our school has a gay club?”
“Ew, how many people are in it?”

“...It’s not a gay club.”

“Yes it is.”
“I think ten.”
“Ten gay people? That’s disgusting.”


“No. No it isn’t you’re disgusting with your narrow minded bigoted views, your bible thumping wasted weekend ass morals. You’re disgusting. You come in on monday trying to figure out how many girls with boyfriends you kissed while you were drunk out of your mind at that party. You laugh and hope their boyfriends aren’t mad at you. By wednesday you’re preaching about how disgusting it is for people to have sex before they’re married, how sinful it is for gay people to simply be in love. I hate to break it to you, but first of all it isn't your choice. You don’t have to worry about it because no one in their right mind would love you, so just keep your mind on your next crazy party. Oh, and if your god that you love so much says that some types of love aren’t love, and that the simple act of loving another person is wrong, then its no god that should be respected. If you can’t even have the decency to respect people who are different from you and stay in your lane, then you’re the disgusting one. Disgusting.”


Is what I wanted to say.

The author's comments:

Some people are simply close minded. Please keep an open heart and do not descriminate.

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