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March 4, 2017
By , Wilmington, DE

Everyday I get to sit with people with a different perspective and personality which makes them more phenomenal than others, but always i see people around me that wondering whether sit or have conformation with but there's no time to include any of my words with those students who think that they're intellectual with a silly laugh at of nonsense jokes. 


I have always liked to be frank, but with people who accept the participation of opinion, or even those who are serious and not with anyone that life is just a game. For example there are many different students during the lunch time where their is such a group of students from the same topic and culture beliefs which makes them belonged to each other.


Always considered that life is a train and each one has a certain seat, especially it will be up to the station but this is necessary to wait to be out of the station, which will be completed in my way. For example I have tried many ways to make things more easier than it is, but I couldn't even get any reason that makes me in a comfortable way to adventure and go deeper with my thoughts and knowledge to organized everything including trustworthy without any impact around .

principally I worked with many different belong ,but I did not see where I belong, but between my family even though sometimes becomes some misunderstood ;although I know that blood are heavy than water no matter what happens between me and my family this where I belong and I have adventures all my memories is growing and 

Finally however things goes crazy around you always sit where you belong to or with people have the same personalities to makes things reasonable to drive your own way to end your road and always I know that relationship is a choice to deal with it or ether go out of it if I don't feel that I'm going overseas at of the Birds of feather flock together .

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