I Give My All

March 3, 2017
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Runners to your mark! Get set!…Go! I will never forget my first time running the 100 meter dash in track and field. I've always wanted to run this race; it is the equivalent of an unlimited supply of drugs to an addict. It’s exhilarating, suspenseful, and thrilling. I also love the false feeling of falling over when exiting the blocks and battling with everything in me in order to finish first. Not only do I compete against my opponents, but I’m competing against the old me and the me from the meet before. I love thinking and analyzing, with my coach new ways for me to improve. “Try starting with this leg. Drive your knee up more. If you don’t do this right this time, you have five more," she says. Oh, how I hate those words, but, sometimes, they are what I need to hear. “She’s not fast enough,” my teammates say. But, I only have one response, “Watch me.” Because of these whispered words, I drive to be my best and be the one that people in the stands look out for. And every time, whether people want to admit it or not, I prove them wrong. When I step out onto the track and look down at the finish line, I prepare myself to give and leave my all. I do track & field because my cousin has influenced me. If there is one thing I remember from a one-week intense training session is, “I don’t want you ever to walk off of this track, whether it's during a meet or practice, and you to feel like you didn’t give your all. Like you didn’t do your best. It doesn’t matter how you do compared to everyone else, as long as you gave Your all.” Those words repeat every time I run a race. Whether a 100, 200, or 400, I give my all.

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