The Future Counts on You

March 2, 2017
By ek91007 BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
ek91007 BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
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Dear Ayla,

Do you ever think about your life and how certain “trends” affect it? The choices I’ve made in my past have greatly affected the way I am today, the good and bad. Before I noticed that the people I’m around and inclined to be around, have changed my actions- the way I handle things and how I treat others and myself. Those actions have caused me great consequences that impacted my life, how I feel and act, and also the views other people have on me.

During the days I spend at school, home, work, and the outside world, it actually makes me think- and I do this everyday, about how our society has changed so much and how it affects a lot of people. The motivation we have as a group and a society, is low. The word I would use as to describe the way I think of life and affection is, different or unbounded. The way I mean by that is our world is filled with a lot of uncertain people and those people affect the people who know what they want and also what God wants for them as well. Speaking as your big sister and hopefully your role model, I suggest having your values planned out ahead of time.

As I’m 17 and a girl, I’ve gone through a lot and my mom has helped me through most of it. One thing I can say is stay close to mom and have her be your “go to” for things you struggle with. Make sure you make her your best friend. Moms will always know best and the right way. My mom has taught me the right from wrong and I know your mom has too as well. Moms again, will always know the key to success and without taking her advice and words of wisdom, you may also find yourself in a deep dark hole not knowing what to do, because I did. When I did do something to where I needed help, I never took it.

Ayla, I know that we are 7 years apart but I still want you to know that I will always be here for you. I am your big sister and should always be. No one shall ever replace me! Here are some things that you should know…
1. Respect yourself as a women
2. Listen to the advice you’re given by mom and or dad
3. Don't always believe what others say about you or things in general
4. We all judge
5. Have one best friend and multiple close friends
6. Girls will always be drama
7. Never date or like a friends old boyfriend
8. Girls are mean
9. Friends all share - clothes, food, answers, and secretes
10. Always have a backup plan for everything

I’m about to tell you things that I got in trouble for and the consequences I had to deal with because I chose for people who I hung out with affect my life and decisions.

One time I let a boy affect my choices and how I treated myself. As I started to talk to this boy and have feelings for him… I began to act out and my choices were not the best. I began to get grounded a lot more for attitude and my mouth. I didn’t care about anything else but what I wanted to do. After being grounded so many times for the same situation I started realizing that he was nothing to me or the world. He was not a good kid in general and he was affecting my choices and was changing me in a bad way. I noticed those things and talked to my mom about it and she gave the advice she has a million times and I chose to do end it with him and it changed my life. I began to see multiple changes the next couples days and it felt good.

Another thing was friends I chose to hang out with. I was hanging out with friends that were about  bad things that got me into doing bad things. Something called peer pressure is when you get involved with things that other people are doing without second guessing yourself about it.  I chose to do things like that, that also set myself up for not succeeding in my future. When dad found out he gave me a long talk about how if I do certain things like that, I’ll never be able to do things in my life that I’ve always wanted to do, including my dream of being an anesthesiologist. So follow your dreams, do what’s right, and listen to mom and dad.

As you are my baby sister, I want the best for you and I want to be able to tell you things ahead of time to get you ready for the real world. So that’s exactly why I’m writing you this. It’s not much but it’s a start for you to know things. If you EVER need anything I’ll always be here for you and I hope you’ll always know that. As we grow up to being older I really do hope we can become a little closer than we are now. You’re 10 now and I’m 17 now, 7 years apart doesn’t seem like much but it does and it is. I’m almost done with high school and you’re almost done with elementary school. After next year, I’ll be on my way to college to learn about the dream I’ve dreamt about my whole life, and then now you’re just starting your own life and own responsibilities starting with school. Going into a different school and adding more classes is a whole new system you’ll have to learn on your own - you’re independent so you’ll do just fine!

Just think about anything in the world that you may have trouble with and no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be there for you girl. I’m suppose to be here for you and I am and always will. If you follow the rules, do good in school, and always have a positive attitude, then you’ll be a great kid with a high sense of humor and a high intelligence level. Though you may have some road blocks that do stop you and set you back a little, but get back up and show the world who the real Ayla is. You’re a beautiful girl with a great laugh and fun to be around, if you express that then you’ll have many friends and liked by everyone. Just be yourself.

Things I’m greatly excited for is…
1.when you grow up a little older and have more experience in life
2.Start high school
3. Start driving
4. First boyfriend and first kiss ( shhh don’t let dad see that)
5. Your first date
6. First job
7. First test you fail
8. When you get your first grounding


So if you have any questions or concerns you know how to contact me, facetime or text me! I love you Ayla and I do this out of love. I want to see you grow up to become the most beautiful and smart young lady. Dad will be so proud if you do things right, although mom and dad will always love you for whatever you, and so will I, but if you fix your mistake and realize what you do was wrong and change your ways, then you’ll be rewarded with things in life that help you out and things that you would like and or get. Like riding horses is a privilege, you earned that and the reason for you getting to do this is because you are a good kid and you do things right.  Keep up the good work and you’ll love life!

         Boo <3

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Its a way to connect with my little sister

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