March 2, 2017

I carefully and thoughtfully waited for the communion director to give me the okay. Months of preparation are just waiting are over. In California, they had no cheap schools that taught the Eucharist. I cautiously walked toward the altar and gently touched the ground, one foot at a time. I stepped toward the priest. I received the host with shaky fingers. I was nervous and almost scared to try and not mess up. It was hot, and I was sweating in the layered clothing. I did not want to mess up. I turned to receive the cup, and then I felt someone’s hand touch me. It was the priest from the other diocese. I did not want to mess up.

Now I’ve done it. I was being so cautious! Luckily the priest directed me into the right line and I received the cup. I walked to the pews, the right way. I sat down in my seat; contemplating and thinking how I could have done it better.

“You did a good job, Miles”, said Mrs. Arthur, the communion director.

“Thank you,” I replied in relief.

Now thinking of present day effects, I tell myself not to worry. When something is hard, you just have to not worry about it and just do. This experience has helped me in my present day decisions and how I handle them, even if they are frightening.

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