The Present

February 23, 2017
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It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Kalida, Ohio. It was like a picture out of a magazine the way the clouds were aligned and the stillness in the air I could tell it was going to be a special day. The date was October 30, the day that I was confirmed. Church didn’t start until eleven o’ clock, but I had to get there at ten because we had to make sure everybody knew what to do. Then eleven o’ clock came around and the church bells started to ring, which meant church was starting. Everybody who was getting confirmed walked up to the front of church with the priest and sat in the first two rows on both sides of the church. Once we were to the front of church, we went into our pews that were reserved for us. After this the priest did what he always does to start church. Then about half way through it was time for me to get confirmed. I was in the second row so there was about tweleve people were getting confirmed before I did. This guy who was also going to get confirmed asked me, “Are you nervous?”
I said, “No, are you?”

He said, “Yes, I am.”

Then it was my turn to get confirmed. My sponsor was my Uncle Eric. A sponsor shows and helps people follow God. My uncle and I went up to the bishop, and he confirmed me. The bishop does the confirming, not the priest. That is how the Catholic Church does it. After I was confirmed, I went back to my seat and waited for everybody else to get confirmed. Then after everybody was confirmed, church went on as normal.

Then around twelve fifteen church was done, and we could go home. Of course, we needed to get pictures. After church was over, I went to go get pictures with my aunt, uncle, the priest, my grandma and grandpa, and my family. Finally, after pictures were over we headed home. “Mom, can we eat right once we get home?” I asked. We ate lunch which was hotdogs, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, chips, baked beans, vegetables, fruit, cake, and ice cream. I was so hungry I stuffed myself like a turkey on Thanksgiving. My whole family attended this party.             


After everybody was done eating, we went into the living room where my presents and cards were. At first it seemed like a birthday party with food, family, and presents. I started opening the cards first because that’s what I always do first. All of the cards that I opened had money in them.

After all the cards were opened, I started opening the presents, which there were four of them. I opened one from my grandma, another one from my aunt, and then one from my uncle. I only had one present left. I was thinking that it is probably going to be a bible. On the present it said from mom and dad. I started opening it. Once all the wrapping off, and then I saw this really small case that a ring or a necklace would be in. I opened the little case, and there I saw a beautiful cross necklace that said Christ on it. I told my mom and dad, “Thank so much for the cross. It is awesome!” After I told everybody thank you for his or her presents we had cake, which was triple chocolate, with chocolate ice cream. It was a great day. I wear my necklace every day now. I couldn’t have asked for a better confirmation present than the one my mom and dad gave me.

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