Family Together Again

February 23, 2017
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It was December of the year 2014. I was only thirteen years old at the time. “Do you have any ideas of what you want for Christmas, Jada?” asked my mother.

Hmm… Do I really need anything? I have almost anything and everything I could ever need or want, I thought to myself.

“Mom, I don’t think I want anything for Christmas this year,” I said. “I have everything I could possibly ask for.”
Mom asked, “Are you sure? There isn’t anything you can think of that you want? No toys or clothes?”

“I am pretty sure. I just wish we could get the family together again. We haven’t had the family all together the past few years, and I miss Aunt Tina,” I stated. Mom then explained to me how much she missed her sister Tina also. She has a little girl named Emma. I had only saw my little cousin once since she had been born. I knew she had to be getting big pretty fast. I was a little upset because I knew it would be really hard for them to make it here all the way from Las, Vegas for Christmas. I knew it was hard for her to get vacation from work. I also knew that it wasn’t cheap for her to come visit.

Christmas seemed like it was right around the corner. There was just a little over a week left until the presents under the tree were to be opened. There was just a little over a week until colorful holiday paper would be ripped and covering the living room floor. My dad and I were home alone most of this particular day. Mom had told me that morning that she and a friend were going to Detroit to do some last minute shopping. It was going on about six o’ clock that evening, and my father and I were beginning to get as hungry as a lion that hadn’t eaten in months. “Dad, when are we going to eat? I am starving,” I asked my father.

“Soon. Your mother said they are getting close. We will eat when she gets home.”

I was thinking to myself, Ugh… I am starving. Doesn’t she know that I am a growing kid and I need food? I could’ve probably eaten as fast as a racehorse could run.

Not long after I sat back down, my mom and her friend come walking through the door. “Jada, we have a present out in the game room for you. You are receiving it today because it is something that we cannot wrap,” my mom said.

I have no idea what it could possibly be.

I replied, “Okay. Do I just walk out there?”

“Yes, but you need to close your eyes. Let me get the camera, so I can record you,” she said.
She took the camera out, I closed my eyes and dad came to walk me out to the game room.
“Okay. You can open your eyes now,” Mom told me.

I opened my eyes to find myself jumping off the walls like a monkey in a cage. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Am I dreaming, or is this true? There the two of them stood, my little cousin and my favorite aunt, right before my own eyes. I ran up to them as quickly as a cheetah and gave them the biggest hug I could possibly give.

“I can’t breathe,” mumbled my aunt. I let go and gave Emma a hug. Mom then took a picture of the three of us. We took our picture and all walked back inside. I helped them carry their bags into the guest room where they would be staying. Mom and Dad were finally cooking dinner.

This is the only present I need this year. This is a Christmas miracle.

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