It Was Not a Drill

February 22, 2017
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I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Our 5th grade class was having free time, like an indoor recess. I was talking with my friends Maddie and Calista and other classmates were playing card games like Uno or Go-Fish and board games. Kids were also hanging out in the classroom or playing on the computer.  Then out of nowhere the  fire alarm went off. Everyone was already loud and joking around because all we ever have is fire drills. We didn't expect it to be real. My friend Damarcus jumped into my others friend Jeffs arms and joked, “Hold me! I’m scared.” We could barely understand what our principal was saying over the PA speakers, we were all talking too loud so all we heard, “THIS IS A DRILL!”  We lined up as usual by the door. Then along with other classes walked outside and trying not to cover our ears because it made you look cool.

We were in front of the building and our teachers kept telling us to be “quite and set a good example” but like most fifth graders we didn't really listen. We were just standing there, dragging our feet back in forth, kicking stones in the pavement. We've been outside for awhile and we were getting bored. I just wanted to sit down or wall around. Then we heard sirens in the distance. We hear them frequently because the school is by a few busy road but the fire trucks were getting closer and the sirens were growing louder. Then we saw them turn into our schools driveway. That's when we figured out that this so called drill wasn’t a drill. It was exciting but kind worrying because not a lot of us knew what was going on.

It was almost lunch and my stomach rumbled like thunder. The teachers had us walk over to the middle school for lunch. It felt like we were walking for forever but it wasn't that far. Kids dragging their feet through the grass pieces and throwing dandelions at each other.  When we finally got to the middle school there was officers and police cars. There were two policemen on horses and that was the first time I've seen them up close besides in a parade. We waited for the teachers to organize their classes then we walked in. We went into the gym and I sat down with my friends in the bleaches. Walking up to the top of the bleachers, I looked for my sister to see if she was here. Sitting back down, kids are talking and wondering when we can eat. Then a teacher got a microphone and explained the situation to all of us. There was a small gas leak in one of the bathrooms. It wasn't anything serious so half the school was able to go back to the school for lunch and the other half stayed at the middle school. The teachers called us down we went into the lunchroom. The smell of school food fills our noses. We walked through the lunch line and got our food. Soon the lunchroom roared like lions with kids talking about their afternoon in excited voices. We later finished our food we left the building. Then we lazily walked back to the elementary. I find my sister in the halls.  Back at my desk, I lay my head down and recapped all that happened. It was a crazy day but I learned that we shouldn't take fire drills for granted because sometimes you might not know if it's real or not.

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