Summer Ding

February 22, 2017
By GeorgeGueorguiev BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
GeorgeGueorguiev BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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It is a dry, hot, late summer day and the sun is setting and the neighborhood is eerily silent. The days seem to go by fast when you’re having fun. I won’t being seeing my friends in Elementary school anymore after this summer, next year we’ll be in middle school, so I want to make the days last before we’re off to different places. We’re walking back to the park throughout the neighborhood with our band friends as we do most of the summer days. Relaxing, chilling out, trying to enjoy summer with the constant saddening though at the back of our minds that we will be hanging less occasionally. It was dark now and many people have returned to their homes. My friend, Nick mentions something to me,

“Hey we should totally do something funny tonight.” he says to me.
“Definitely, It’s dark out now, we can mess with some people, get some laughs in.” I respond.
“What should we do though?” he questions back.
“Ever ring on people's doors and run away?” I asked him.
“Who hasn't? Let’s do that.” he agrees.

We are walking throughout the neighborhood looking for a house that seems to have people inside or lit up. My other friend Dominic is passing towards a house with the lamps on outside the garage door. The house seemed to be in the middle of a party as most of the lights were on and an abundance of vehicles were parked in the driveway and around the street of the house. I saw Dominic approach the house with anticipation to ring it. He peers from the sidewalk into the window to see people walking around doing their own business and he turns to us.

“Aye guys, lets get this house.” He tells us.
“Hah You can do it.” I respond backing up.
“Are you scared or something?” He taunts.

“No you just picked the house, so you can ring it” I respond back knowing I was too nervous to ring the doorbell. The thought of it twisted and turned my stomach but I knew I would have to ring a door that night eventually.
He rolls his eyes as he looks back at us and runs up quietly up to the front door. My other friend and I get prepared to run as we wait for him to press the button. What seems like forever he clicks the button and we all immediately bust out running into the forest in front of the street area. We hide behind a tree as we look back at the door to see a man open it and watch as he confusingly looks around. He mutters something and shuts the door. We stood in the semi prickly bushes and awaited to see if the man would come back out or stay indoors. After waiting for what felt like an hour but in reality took a few minutes, we hopped out from behind the bushes through a few trees and crossed a stream.

“That was hilarious” Dominic mentioned to us.
“For sure, now it's my turn.” I replied.

We spotted a house across the street and ran over. I started walking cautiously into the driveway. I stepped closely up to the front porch steps. I looked back and saw my friends mentioning around a ford SUV snickering and ready to bust out running. I walk up to the door, hesitate and have my finger inches away from the door bell. I breath in and press the doorbell almost immediately breaking out in a sprint and catch up to my friends hiding behind a car. We look back and snicker as a lady opens the door and looks around confusedly and shuts the door. We laughed and talked the way home after doing the same after a few houses, that was until my dad found out, he wasn’t very intrigued with our idea of fun. After that day I was grounded for most of the end of summer, but in the end I now have something funny to look back on from my last elementry memory,  it was all worth it.

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School Narrative about a personal experience. Working with detail what makes for a good story.

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