Music and Movement

February 22, 2017

Ba-bum.  Ba-bum.  I listen to the music; it has a steady beat with a constant rhythm.  Despite the varying intensities, volume, tone, and instruments, at the base I find a constant beat which exists in all music.  Always, I simplify and find the rhythm.  There is always a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 which repeats again and again until there is no music left.  Music is the sun and my dancing and timing are the planets that revolve around it.  When music is absent the room is silent and so is my body.

There is no talking, but still I hear and feel the emotion.  That’s the beauty; there is no need for words, just the melody which propels me to dance.  Without words, my body still sings with each note.  The dancers reflect the music’s tone and inflection.  The music cries and smiles too.  With crescendos, the dancing and action swell.  As the scene ends, the music reaches its highest point, signaling the end of the dance and music.  Without music, the dance dies; with the addition of music the dance lives,

I close my eyes.  This cuts off my sense of sight and heightens my sense of hearing.  The music surrounds my senses.  I even feel the vibrations of the music under my feet.  I hear the thud, thud, thud of pointe shoes against the floor.  Even without sight, my mind is hyperactive as it creates images of its own.  I do not need to see the physical movement with my eyes.  I can visualize it with my imagination. 

I have never been an artist on paper.  Instead, I use my body to express my imagination and music inspires that creativity.  When I improvise, the music takes over and guides my body.  It reverberates in my chest, spiraling out to my limbs and commanding them to move.  There is no thought or contemplation, just immediate movement and reaction.  Whenever I hear a few notes, I dance, whether it be sashaying in my house or turning in the grocery store, there is no controlling my body’s reaction to music.

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