Ice Cream Warfare

February 22, 2017
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I was waiting for a reply. Tired and worn out, hoping the response I wanted would come out of his mouth. The taste of the cold sweets were starting to get to me. However, my plan didn’t go as expected.

It was just another afternoon after one of my baseball games I had played in. My team happened to win that game, which put me in a good mood. We played a talented team that day, so I had plans to celebrate this win.
My dad, my younger brother and I got into my dad’s car after talking with some of my teammates and their parents. Secretly, My brother and I had planned to stop at the infamous ice cream parlor Dairy Queen on the way home. However, the baseball game I played in was in Northville, Michigan, which is about 30 minutes away from the Dairy Queen in Ann Arbor. Therefore, my brother and I decided to wait a couple minutes, so we could execute our plan at the right time.

20 minutes had passed, and we were rapidly approaching Dairy Queen. I look at my brother and whisper, “Are you sure you want me to ask if we can go to Dairy Queen?”

He replied by saying “No! Let me ask! You got Dairy Queen a few days ago, and I wasn’t there!”
“You know what Nick,” I whisper. “Shut your mouth. Let the master handle this one.”

I saw the Dairy Queen sign from a distance, and I tap my brother’s shoulder to get his attention. He nodded his head and whispered to me, “Well, what are you waiting for are you going to ask dad or not?”

“I’m going to ask him right now.” I said. “Just watch.”
At this time I could clearly see the Dairy Queen sign, and I pulled the trigger and I asked, “Hey Dad, since my baseball team won our game today, could we stop at Dairy Queen before we get home? I think I deserve it.”
My dad’s heart had stopped. He stopped to think about it for a few seconds. My brother and I had our fingers crossed looking at each other getting excited. We were already thinking about what flavors we were going to choose. I could taste the delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream in my mouth, even though not any kind of ice cream was anywhere near me. A few seconds had passed, and he came to a conclusion.

“No.” My dad said. “Not today. Why do you want Dairy Queen when we have food at the house?”

I was so upset, my veins were popping out of my forehead, but I didn’t say a word. I remained quiet, and the only sound that we heard was the car moving. I somehow managed to keep my anger under control, but not for long.

Eventually, we pulled into our driveway after a long drive home. I walked up to the doorstep with my head down, looking at my dusty baseball cleats, ready to storm my way to my bedroom, and take out all my anger.

My dad opens the door to our house, and I push everyone to the side and rush to my bedroom. I didn’t even care about getting ice cream anymore. My brother trails behind me, and goes into his bedroom. However, when my brother was walking to his bedroom, I decided to chase him, and pin him to the ground.

“It was your fault! You’re always ruining everything!’ I said.

“What!?” My brother said. “I don’t understand, how did I ruin our chance to get Dairy Queen?”

He made a good point. I paused to think about it, why did I blame him? My brother didn’t do anything. Is it because I was mad at myself? Is it because it was my fault, and I was just too scared to admit it?

“Oh my gosh,” I whimpered. “I’m so sorry Nick.”

I ran as fast as I could back to my bedroom. I was embarrassed of my actions. I dove head first into my pillows, crying. I don’t cry often, but when I cry, it is normally because i’m embarrassed of something I did. However, the way I had treated my brother was unacceptable. I was ashamed of myself. So ashamed.

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