Feedback: "TP Tested My Integrity"

February 17, 2017
By , Tyngsboro, MA

The story, “TP Tested My Integrity” was about a kid who went to church and went to the bathroom, clogging the toilet, making it overflow.  She went back to class feeling guilty, and her teacher walked around looking for kids who had guilt on their face and interrogated each girl.

“Finally, Mrs. Day stopped directly behind my pastel yellow chair.  I took a full of fruit punch as if it were my last swallow.  Cowardly sweat broke out on my forehead.  My face must have revealed every sign of guilt as Mrs. Day stalked past.”  this quote I read really showed me how frightened the character was and how much guilt she felt. 

One time I felt really guilty when I got to the office even though I didn't do anything.  I was sweating from my forehead and gulped my breath and I wasn't even in trouble.

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