The Invisible Storm

February 14, 2017
By , Liverpool, United Kingdom

Do you know the feeling when a heavy weight decides to suffocate you, slowly but effectively making it harder and harder to breathe? An alarm goes off inside your head and logical reasoning is immedietly thrown out of the window, giving free reign to choas. Next, doubt creeps; crawling through the shadows at first but gradually sinks its fangs into any and every thoughts that rushes past. In a matter of moments, it has spread everywhere like a disease, clouding even the brightest of thoughts.

You take deep breaths, tell yourself to stop being stupid but it sounds feable even inside your head and your heart decides to race your mind, setting an erratic pace inside your chest. You try to think of something to do or say, some magical way you could take everything back. This inevitably lodges a giant rock inside your thrachea.

You feel ridiculous, it was just one small comment, an unusual glance from a friend or even getting the answere wrong when the teacher asks you, how can you be so disgustingly weak? You try to pull reason back in but your grip isn't strong enough. In a matter of seconds you feel worthless, stupid, hated. You can't imagine anyone ever loving you.

I do, I know the feeling. The silent killer that doesn't ask your permission to enter. Anxiety.

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