The Lies Love Tells Me

February 13, 2017
By cjchilders BRONZE, Simms, Texas
cjchilders BRONZE, Simms, Texas
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He was the first person to steal my heart, the first one to break it, and the first one to make it feel useless.  Everything between Mason  and I  were perfect, my parents loved him, he was so sweet, he was the person I always wanted… so I thought. He was every girl's dream, tall, muscular, and tan, his chestnut brown hair would swoop to the side with just one flip perfectly, he was very popular, and sports were his thing. Four months in and everything was going amazing, everything felt amazing, he gave me a more positive look on life. I sat in my room starting to get ready for my friend Kenzie’s slumber party, she was turning 15. Since it was close to Christmas, I slipped on my black fuzzy top, which had a sparkly reindeer on the front, did my makeup, and wore my very comfortable black leggings, and was on my way. My mom drove me over to her house, he sat in the front seat while I sat in the back, awkwardly. We arrived at her house, I hadn’t seen her since the fifth grade, and they were so broke down, I felt so sorry for her. They were low on money and had to live in one of those free duplexes, and right before that, her dad had passed away, he died from a car accident sadly. We pulled up to the side of the curb to see three girls run out. It was her, and her friends Hailey, Kaylee, and Kelly.  They ran up to me with hugs, happy to see me. Then Kenzie tried to hug Mason. I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time, we were all happy, everything was fantastic, we gossiped, pillow fights, even prank calls. Life felt like it was finally coming together. The next day I had to leave, but Kenzie decided to come with me, and Mason happened to be coming over that day. We arrived at my house and I ran to my room with Kenzie and Mason. Mason had to use the restroom so Kenzie and I found ourselves in my room talking. “Your boyfriend is really cute, but I promise I won’t try to take him.” Said Kenzie. I thought that was so weird that she decided to say that out of nowhere. We weren’t even talking about Mason, yet she says that.  Kenzie had to go home three days later, I felt so sad to see her go, finally we had got to see each other and it didn’t even feel that long. A few days past and Christmas break came, it was 6 months with  Mason, and Mason had to go visit his dad fifteen hours away and it upset me terribly. Before he left I gave him the biggest hug I could, with the tears rushing down my face, I knew he’d be back but I didn’t want him gone that long. We got in a fight and almost broke up, but we made it through, we were stronger I thought, but I thought wrong. He had me off of his social media, which I thought was odd since we decided not to break up. Notifications came up on my phone so I checked them. Kenzie got a girlfriend, she came out as bi, which obviously means she’d date a girl. “Really? I never knew you were girl.” I said, “I’m proud of you.” She got mad because of me not believing her. “I’m telling the truth Celaska.” She said to me angrily. “I never said you weren’t.” I said confused. “Well, here’s some more truth for you anyway, your boyfriend cheated on you with me.” She said like it was something to brag about. I threw my phone down as soon as I saw the message with disbelief. I was shocked crying. I wasn’t even home at the time, so my mom couldn’t comfort me… because besides this fact my grandfather was dying. I picked my phone back up angry. I was furious with tears rushing down my face texting Mason, fast. Everyone knows a mad girl types EXTREMELY fast. My heart felt like it was ripped out of my chest and shredded. He tried to act like he didn’t know what I was talking about. He finally admitted it, he said I stressed him out, so he had to. He told me he loved me too much to dump me, but if he really loved me that much he wouldn’t have cheated on me. Especially with her, why her? I know exactly what you’re thinking, this stuff is supposed to only happen in the movies.. But it doesn’t. I dumped Mason or good. I wasn't’ going to date a cheater, no matter how much it hurt me to lose him. Later that night Hailey texted me and told me everything they did, SHE WAS WITH THEM. She kept it from me, and honestly that hurt me even more. It happened on December third, it was so many weeks ago, and he still kept telling me he loved me, even though he didn’t mean it. She took him on a date and they made out in a car. Tell me how low that is. My boyfriend cheated on me with my bestfriend. She told me she did nothing wrong, he told me he wouldn’t take it back, that it was worth it. A few weeks went by, apparently Kenzie felt guilty and started cutting herself, and her girlfriend broke up with her. Besides that fact Mason was begging me back, unbelievable. They made me feel worthless, and like I wasn’t good enough, but I am. It may have took me a while to realize it but at least I did. I was their loss, they weren’t mine. There were so many signs that it was happening, but I was too stupid to notice. If you ever get cheated on, always remember it happened for a reason, it’s obvious God wanted them out of your life. I also realized, I don’t need a boy to make me happy, I can make myself happy. Don’t ever tear yourself down for someone else’s mistake. 

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