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Story of My Life

One day in early summer, a baby girl lies in a bed with pillows all around her. The cramped nursery/dining room is without windows and air conditioning. In another room sits the baby’s slightly older brother. He’s locked in that same room day and night. The door is only opened when their mother remembers to give him food. Trash is piled high, and there are cockroaches everywhere. The baby has two more big brothers, who are playing quietly in the living room with their three cousins. The mother of the four children is somewhere in the house; the father has been dead for at least one month.

On this hot, sticky July 17th afternoon, a social worker arrives at the house to check on the three cousins. One swift look prompts her to walk back outside and call the police. Once the police arrive, they quickly grab the four siblings and the three cousins and take them all to the emergency room. Soon, the social worker arrives at the emergency room. She has clothes and other necessary essentials for the children. As the children are being cared for by emergency room staff, the social worker is on the phone with  her supervisor.

The supervisor suggests that the social worker take the little boy, the one that spent all of his time locked alone in a room, and the baby to the family. The supervisor is friends with the woman because she and her family have kept foster children in the past. The family immediately falls in love with the baby girl, but it is important for the siblings to stay together. After a quick discussion, they decide to keep both children. That day two children’s lives were saved. One year later the adoptions were finalized.

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