February 13, 2017
By , Libertyville, IL

When one says the word “Homecoming” what do you think? Do you think of excitement and dancing? A long night? For most at my school the answer would be excitement. Throughout the homecoming week there are spirit days, drumline in the hallway, and an assembly to end the week.

What felt like years ago was just months ago. The day started with smiles already, for the parade was about to begin. The parade  was filled with floats, motorcyclists, cars of all sorts, and of course candy. Floats where for clubs at the school, sport teams, businesses in the town, as well as the principal for the school. Candy was thrown right and left for the little as well as big kids to catch. Music was played, dances were danced, marches were marched, and cheers were cheered. As soon as the parade ended there was a mad scramble taking place for the high schoolers. Some had only minutes to make it to their hair, makeup, nail appointments. Parents racing to the flower shops to pick up the corsage or boutonniere. While others calmy go back home and watch television on the couch, unshowered in sweats. As the time ticks on more and more pieces are starting to fall into place for the night such as: ties tied, shoes buckled, and dresses zipped.

Cars start to arrive and people file out, parents already have their weapon of choice pulled whether it's the latest iphone or a more professional camera. At some houses there are props for photos at others it’s just their date and friends. Both result in photos that will be posted on all sorts of social media. After an hour of parents taking the same photo or just figuring out how to just take one cars are filled to capacity and sent off to a cheap restaurant.

When everyone finishes their meal cars are filled to capacity once again but this time the destination will be the heart pounding dance, where all the hardwork to get ready will be sweated off. The second the girls enter the gym the heels come off, leaving their feet bare on the gym floor ready to dance to the music. Within seconds sweat begins to drip and corsages only have a petal left and dress shirts are unbuttoned. This goes on for three hours but the best three hours of one’s high school career.

Whats next? Normal school with no dances to look forward too? Nope! Turnabout in February and prom for the upperclassmen in May.

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