Compton, My Home

February 10, 2017
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My city of Compton is a city full of stars. I live in a city of fame, beautiful high quality living space. A place where careers and jobs are handed to you like a sweet creamy smooth frosted edible glittering piece of cake. Everyone's nice loving and caring also presentable. City Of Compton.

Actually I lied, Welcome to my city of compton also a home of bloods. Compton is a place where silent gunshots pop pop popping off, paramedics whizzing past homes of light sleepers pissing them off with loud irritating sirens, “Gangsters”, rappers like YG calling it bompton for the bloods, Tyga, N.W.A, Dr.Dre, Kendrick Lamar and many more making music trying to make a come up in life. Women walking around half naked embarrassing themselves and family in coochie cutters and crop tops maybe even crop bras, skintight mini dresses, cheap expensive sew ins, plastic body's knock off pumps posted walking around the block trying to catch a young or old homies attention for a few hundred bucks or for the hell of it just to strut their stuff and feel pretty. Crusty paint peeling, toe curling jails filling up as if it was black friday at the mall. Different varieties of liquor flying and backwoods,swishers and all sweeping off shelves as if it was food to survive. Hmph,Killing and Sickening each other with Codeine and Sprite making lean and mixing Xanny's with Hennessy. Nappy/Wavy haired light skin dark skin young teenagers running around the streets pregnant 16 and older doing grown women things. Be Classy,Never Trashy is what they’re failing to realize to save their own lives.

Sometime i wonder if this is all a dream and it's different, constantly pinching my warm beige skin in dominion asking myself “Is This My Reality?” our suffering lifestyle isn’t surprising no way, no how. We're just like you with many differences other than hurting, suffering, dealing with deaths and violence in the streets worrying about our children after streetlights appear. We Live To Die, but we don't Want To Die... But To Live. Only together we can change.

I’m not proud nor embarrassed of my city, we're just living this thing called life. Welcome To The City Of Compton.

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