They Call Me Fish

February 6, 2017

Everybody had at least asked me this before, even teachers. They have asked me “Why do they call you fish.”
My normal response to everybody was “Um… I don’t know.”

In the summer Me, Isaac, and my brother were getting registered for school.

“So do you want to go to Ricky’s house today?” Isaac asked.
“Who is Ricky?” me and my brother replied. I had that face like a dog when they are looking at you saying give me food, giiiiiiiivve me foooood kind of face.
“Don’t you remember. You met him before.”
“Well, sure. Where’s the problem in that.”
“K, do you want to get your 3DS so we can play.”
“Sure,” I was so confused that day.

We went I turned out he plays Smash bros. It turned out that he was so much fun. 1 because I wanted to beat him before we leave and since I was so bad at the game I wanted to get better.

Welp, school’s here and now we gotta hurt our brains after that long summer of just plainly playing Smash brothers. That was the start of a new person called Fish. First day in 8th grade wasn’t the best start. I never gotten my schedule, so I had to wait till third period which was about an hour and 50 min. In those 100 minutes I made a new friend already; his name is Emmanuel. I moved from Chicago to here also known as Mundelein. I only knew one person; he was Isaac. The reason is that we are actually cousins.

School was rough, but easy on the first day in art class (2nd day of school) people saw me, looked at me wondering who is that kid. Well, that’s how I interpreted it. First week of school down. I was so happy. Till we got assigned seats. Who is glad when they get new seats when you are sitting next to your friends. This was in art; two random people came up to me and asked who I was. Well, by then I thought that they knew who I was(when do I think of course nobody knows me yet, just cause I am wayyyyyy to quiet). So I was thinking, well I could tell them my name or make up a nickname. Soooo, I made one up (as you could tell). It was the obvious choice, Fish. In my mind I was like well that’s easy to remember, and I was pretty much really quiet. Because, let’s be honest, when have you heard a Fish talk before.

Those two people I realized were in most of my classes. Then when people asked me who they were they would say they “He is Fish.”

Everybody was so confused I told them call me Fish. The teachers were like nah I’ll call you by your real name. But so I just went along with it. Cause if I stop I’ll feel bad.

“I am the one am the one and only, FISH,” I replied.

“Are you sure cause if you are fish, then go away you are suppose to be in water,” someone with a smart alec reply.

Of course I, the person when he talks likes to reply countering their statement said, “Well of course, you might be right if I was your everyday life fish; but I am special. Just the way you are special.”

Of course they were like “ok?” I felt proud. It took about a month to get all around the school and everybody knew me. I didn’t even need to talk to be recognized.

You might be wondering what’s this got to do with you being called Fish. Welp, I’m telling you the origin and the meaning of me being Fish. That might as well be the explanation of all the questions you guys ask me.

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