The Cold One, The Hot Ones.

December 17, 2016
By tfyoya GOLD, Acworth, Georgia
tfyoya GOLD, Acworth, Georgia
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Never be someone that you not. You'll waste your time and everyone else's because they don't know the real you. ~me

People say that they’re hot, others say their cold. I, I feel fine. I don’t feel any sort of temperature. I never really considered it. Why are people saying things that are irrelevant? Then the teacher either feels hot or cold too. I say that you’re fine, but no one pays attention to me. Never looks my way. You only care about how you feel. You’ve always been cold. You’re heart I mean. The people that feel hot, their just either confused or just want attention, desire, or angry.  They never feel obligated to be nice to someone that seems to be not that polished like them. To them they run everything. They tell you something they expect you to do it. You, cold ones already have what they want. People talk to you not the other way around. Middle school is like that. Then there’s me. The one that feels no temperature. Both the hot and cold ones either despise me or just don’t get me and don’t waste their time. Why would they? It’s hard to explain how society plays into my school because I feel like I’m the only one that observes it. The emo kids hate the popular kids, and the popular kids think the emo kids are very weird and are going to blow up the school. How do I know this? I know this because I talk to both sides, I’m an outsider you will say. I’m not owned to anyone, I travel and blend in both sides. I’m not close to anyone specifically and that’s why I don’t feel any sort of temperature. My interactive skills are not the best and if I can’t please you in a conversation then maybe you’re not the right person. I observe how you are even if I don’t talk to you and I know what you’re thinking because you show me the type of person you are right off the bat. Hide it or not, I can also link you to your friends and what you wear, how you listen to your music when you turn it all the way up, and how you speak to different people. You have no clue that I’m there. Trust me I’m not really a fan of you either but at least I swallow me heart everything I say hi and your face turns to utter disappointment. You don’t talk to me, you talk about me. Good or bad things I really barely care. The thing is that I will not speak of this to anyone especially people like you because you will not understand. That’s ok. I find myself I little more mature that you and other people. So, because of that I’m going to wait for the day, the day your life will either fall apart or you’ll work for something that you don’t even like. I’ll wait till I’ve fulfilled my achievements making me well known while you don’t know what you are even doing. That’s fine for me, I’m laughing now because the clothes you wear right now, I can’t even afford. The clothes you wear in the future will not even compare to my clothes that are so expensive they cost more than what you make in a year. So it’s ok that you are laughing at me right now. Saying things I don’t even know what. You’ll find out, soon enough. But until then, say cold, or hot, never the right temperature. I’ll be fine no matter what. Since you never cared how I feel why should I? 

The author's comments:

This is how I feel about the people in my school. I foyu relate please say something in the comments.

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